What a special gift

What a special gift

Before the age of 20, our appearance was given by our parents, but after the age of 20, we

gave it ourselves. You can choose to live as you want, whether it's a beautiful woman with

white skin or a very outstanding temperament, it's up to you.


My requirement for myself is to become a new woman with outstanding temperament in the

next five years, with perfect body shape and healthy body.


Therefore, in order to achieve my long-term goal, I will start slowly from now on, because

temperament is not something that can be developed in a day, it needs time to accumulate

and precipitate. However, the best way to improve our temperament and body shape is to

practice yoga.

Therefore, I go to the gym regularly every week to practice yoga. At the beginning of yoga

class, I feel very painful because my body is so stiff that I can't complete some very simple

yoga actions.


However, fortunately, the yoga teacher I met is very patient. She will slowly teach me how to

relax my body, how to adjust my breath to deepen the body's rotation. The early yoga class is

painful. I feel that my body is sore every time I finish yoga class. Sometimes I even walk with

shaking. But, in spite of the pain, I persevered.


However, it's just because I've persevered, so when I get to the back, I think I enjoy yoga

class very much, and I won't feel the pain in the front. Moreover, I will gradually find that if I

haven't practiced yoga for a long time, my body will feel a little uncomfortable. It's the kind

that feels stiff, especially uncomfortable.


Moreover, after practicing for several months, I obviously felt the change of my body shape,

and my friend said that I had more temperament than before. It can be seen that yoga is still



However, I think the reason why I can achieve such a good result has a lot to do with my

yoga teacher. If I don't have her to teach me so patiently and ask me to break through my

limits, then I may have given up in the front.


So, in order to thank my yoga teacher, I bought this wireless microphone of maono for her.

This is convenient for teachers to use in class, do not worry about shouting throat. Moreover,

this C02 product can be used continuously for 8 hours after it is fully charged, so there is no

need to worry about the problem of power failure. My yoga teacher said that this product

works well, and asked me where I bought it. Other teachers also wanted to buy one.


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