You and I are a meeting of youth

You and I are a meeting of youth

What is the taste of youth? It is said that youth is sour and sweet, but my youth is sweet.


The sun through the leaves fell on the ground, just under the rain of the sky appears

particularly blue.


Today is my first day in Qingguang middle school and the beginning of my high school life.

Looking at the bustling students and their parents on the road, with big bags and small bags

of luggages, my face was full of joy, and I didn't feel that it would be hard to carry so many



Qingguang middle school is a famous high school in our country. It has a history of one

hundred years. Every year, countless students enter Qingguang middle school. Many

parents are willing to send their children here even if they are the last in the whole school,

because as long as they enter this school, you can also enter an ordinary two schools.

 vlog microphone

My name is Lin Xiaoxiao. My home is next to Qingguang middle school. But even though it's

opposite, I haven't been in it once. So my family said to me when I was a child: go to the

school opposite my home, so you can have a lot of time to sleep in and walk for two minutes.

Isn't that what you want?


Young and ignorant, I thought that Qingguang middle school was very easy to test. At that

time, I told my parents that I would definitely go to the opposite school, and then I would

sleep in every day. For my impulse at that time, I seemed to have half my life when I was

preparing for the exam. Fortunately, the result was good.


Today, it's the first day of school. I strolled around the campus with the shortgun microphone

my parents bought for me to record my upcoming high school life.


It's four o'clock in the afternoon. The parents who came to report with their children have

basically gone back. Now there are only a lot of new students like me who are curious about

this school, looking around.

 vlog microphone

The campus is full of hundred year old trees. The green leaves can basically cover the

sunshine, but there are still a few naughty rays of sunshine coming in. In the afternoon,

walking on such a green path should be a very pleasant thing. You can sit under the tree and

read books, or listen to the birds singing here, and come here to relax your mind.


I feel like I don't have any place to shoot while walking. I'm ready to go back. At this time, it

seems that there is a person in the pavilion in the distance. It seems that he is practicing

dancing in the distance, but he is a bit clumsy. But out of curiosity, I went there quietly.


Others said that the students in Qingguang middle school said it was very powerful. At the

beginning, I didn't believe it? Think, in the end where fierce, is not the result better than

others? But when I saw the scene, I was shocked.

 vlog microphone

Because, you can't imagine that a person can practice hundreds of times alone in order to

learn a dance movement well. Sometimes I think he has done well, but the boy is still not

satisfied. I almost clapped for him several times because he danced so well. But I just don't

understand what he's struggling with.


Isn't it perfect? Half an hour has passed unconsciously. Looking at the watch in hand, I

thought: no good, I will be late! Is it hard not to be late for the first day of school? I also want

to leave a good impression on my classmates and teachers.


The first day of school ended like this, a little novel, a little looking forward to!

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