USB Lapel Mics Maono AU411 for PC Recording

A good little microphone -by Evilzombie

-October 3, 2018

                                                                   To start off

                                                                 I'll get it out of

                                                              the way by saying

                                                           I liked this microphone.


There were both good things and bad things about it and I will describe those, but overall I

had a good experience and it met my expectations.


It's a condenser microphone that is omnidirectional and it WILL pick up sound all around it,

so put that in your expectations beforehand because thats just part of having any lavalier or

condenser microphone, they are more sensitive.


1. Size - Small and discrete, this microphone will easily be out of sight and not draw attention

while you are using it


2. Cable length - At 2 meters (about 6 feet), this cable is long enough to record and not pull

on it in any uncomfortable way.


3. USB Interface - Compatible with any computer and also a plug and play device with no

drivers, this was very easy to set up and use right away.


4. Neutral tone - It sounds very natural and close to what your voice actually sounds like.

Not to deep and boomy and not too high and crisp. Its a nice and natural sound.


5. No hiss - I really listened for it and did not hear any electrical interference hiss, which

means the cables are shielded and the company is awesome because of that.


6. Windscreen - It comes with a windscreen fitted onto it and that blocks out the P's and T's

as well as some wind.



1. Background noise - Being a condenser microphone this is expected. My advice is to

record without a lot of background noise and not in an area with wind, people, cars, or things

like that. Kind of a big rule no matter what microphone you are using.


2. Maxed out volume when first plugged in - This might just be because im testing it on

Windows 10 and it by default adds new microphones with the level set at 100%. So check

your sound settings first. A volume control on the usb interface might help out a lot with this.

All in all, would I recommend this? Yes I would, its great for interviews, giving a speech, or

commentating over something that requires the use of both your hands. Check this one out.





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