Amazing Setup Especially For The Price _by Rich Casale

Amazing Setup Especially For The Price _by Rich Casale

-January 30,2019

I've been doing my research on microphones for use with a new Podcast series that my

friend and I want to start as well as some YouTube product review videos.


First off, compared with the two previous mics that I had, this thing is amazing for the price

and when you consider everything you get with the package it's the best place to start.


The stand is sufficient and holds everything very steady and is fully adjustable with some

good tensioning knobs to keep it in place. The pop filter fits nicely although I like to just use

the wind foam that slides over the mic itself. It's sounds the same and allows me to keep a

clearer view of my desk and my monitor.


The best part is the sound quality. Is it the best mic out there--no--but with a bit of tuning in

your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) you'll be amazed at how good of a recording you can

get from this it. I like everything about it so far.


One thing to keep in mind is that if you back away too far from the Mic, even with the gain up,

your voice is going to sound more ambient. Keeping your face 2-4 inches from the mic

produces clear and well detailed audio.


The USB option just works perfectly on my Mac, and on my PC--although I use this with

GarageBand on my Mac. If you're just starting out and you want all the bells and whistles for

recording your voice for well under $100 you can't go wrong with this setup. Enjoy!


UPDATE 4/16/2019 - I'll need to strike my comment about the mic being more abient as I pull

back, that is a function of the space I'm sitting in. I'm going to add some curtains and sound

insulating panels to some the open areas of my new home studio to reduce the echos that

the room produces. Th is is one sensitive mic! Also, something that just blew my mind.


I realized that my desk was too deep for the extension arm that came with the mic so I surfed

around and realized that Maono also had a mic setup like this with a desktop mic stand

(using a weighted base).


I reached out to them and asked if I could purchase that stand separately, letting them know

how much I loved their mic setup. At first they said that they don't offer the stand separately,

but then decided to just mail me the stand free of change.


That's right, "FREE OF CHARGE!" I was so blown away by this. Talk about customer service.

Don't let the lower price fool you folks, these are good folks and their product is worth serious

consideration before you drop a lot more money on something that might be as good or even

less. I can't imaging needing something better for podcasting and youtube video production.




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