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An Incredible On-The-Go Podcast Kit--By GivemChills

An Incredible On-The-Go Podcast Kit--By GivemChills

GivemChills, a tech/unbox/review YouTube channel thinks AM100-K1 in this way.

“AM100-K1 is basically an all-in-one podcast kit that comes with a soundboard, an XLR microphone, and a microphone stand. It’s an incredible deal!”

“This is an on-the-go podcast kit with a built-in battery and it has four channels so you can do multi-streaming and connect it to multiple devices.” 

“Built-in voice effects are very cool. It has also built-in noise reduction for the microphone which is a cool feature.” 

“The appearance of the microphone is matte and it’s fingerprint-resistant which is really nice.”

“The MUTE button and the knob for adjusting audio work very instantly.” 

“The best thing I think this console can offer is this mode thing, mode thing can actually change the reverb on the fly between 6 options.”

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