Bombshell should be the name--DealsCage

Bombshell should be the name--DealsCage

December 17,2019

I think the company has mistakenly renamed it a typical model but the right name of the

product should have been bombshell.

That was just the naming convention, lets go with whats there in the box

- headset

- long tangled wire

- 3.5mm jack + 6.35mm adapter

Now what can you expect from the audio monitor

- I typically use it to hear normal slangs as I am a content converter and I work as a translator

so I have to hear each and every word that gets spoken

- A great tool for the DJ's

- And last not the least, 3.5 mm jacks can allow you to connect with your smartphone.

Now about the product

- Quality is just fantastic, see the video and the beats you can get the answer.

- Sturdy and yet very light weight

- Can be folded easily

Overall a great product with huge bass inside and I am loving it.

Thanks to the product and the makers.

Final verdict - I suggest you to buy this if you need it for your professional work or even if you

want to hear the crystal sounds for your work or for your sleep, its an awesome device.




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