This is the perfect mic for everyone --by Tony

This is the perfect mic for everyone --by Tony

-February 12, 2019

This mic is perfect for anyone looking to have an easy to use solution while trying to upgrade

their setup for any application using a mic on your computer or gaming console.


This mic sounds better than any headset mic I have used and easily is compatible with any

3.5 MM headset due to it having a jack right on the sturdy metal base. It also has a nice mute

button as well as volume control right on the base.


The gooseneck makes it easy to position and the general size is great to have anywhere.

Unless you are talking directly into it from less than 2 inches away it is distortion-free and

crystal clear.


It has great overall tone and whether you are using it for gaming, streaming,podcasting,

voice-over work or just making calls from your PC or CONSOLE it will impress anyone who

has a good ear.




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