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Exceeded my Expectations| Worth the Price-by I Am Gizmogeek

Exceeded my Expectations| Worth the Price-by I Am Gizmogeek

-March 5, 2019

MAONO's AU101 Lavalier Microphone may just be the best one at there.

Simple, affordable and works as anticipated - that alone is enough in this day of age when

purchasing any product is more of a risk than ever - but the AU101 not only presents itself as

an easy to access device but does so by getting off on the proper foot immediately.


The box the product comes in is as lean as one could imagine and yet still manages to draw

your attention to the microphone almost instantaneously as upon sliding the initial cover

away you are greeted by a well thought out arrangement of the microphone itself and the

handful of accessories.


No tangles, no ridiculous adhesives to battle or plastic to mangle, just the product waiting to

be taken out and put to use right then and there.


To add to this, you will be granted a lovely set of additional accessories within a lightweight

but wonderfully crafted bag with the MAONO logo affixed to the front along with instructions

that will aid to suit any of your needs! As far as presentation goes, this little microphone

beats out products three times it's size and double it's price! Well done, MAONO!

When it comes to practicality and overall accessibility, there is none better. The microphone

itself is very discreet making it perfect for presentations and the like and even though the

connected wiring may be a bit TOO long for my personal liking I can easily see it being a

massive plus for said presenters out there!


You can have the microphone out and ready in mere minutes as it feels like a plug-and-play

for the most part, and the basic jack will be compatible with almost all computer systems but

don't fret as the added 3.5mm-6.5mm Adapter will work wonders too is you are looking to

use the microphone for subsequent audio systems or in my case some DSLR cameras!


Personally, I had no use for the Adapter upon writing this review as the base connections

between the AU101 and my Canon Rebel SL2 were already compatible and paired perfectly.

I have been yearning for a high-quality lavalier for a while now and after but a few moments

of adjustment I knew that the AU101 would serve its purpose, making voice-over an absolute

breeze when using a DSLR!


I will admit that I must do additional adjusting but even with some base settings the audio

was quite clear and I detected no interference of any kind so score one for the omnidirection

and condenser side of things! The incredible length of the cord makes things smooth as well,

just as long as you don't get your hands tangled in the 236 inches of the stuff... Yeah, that is

still the one thing I may not be a tremendous fan of.


As for audio system/computer use, I can speak briefly and commend the microphone

certainly but I honest found more trouble while using it with these other devices than I did

with my DSLR.


Be it my personal experience and not that of others I still am inclined to lower the rating to 4

instead of an easy 5 simply due to these pockets of interference and occasional "popping"

sounds, even when I wasn't even talking into it. It seemed to quell itself once I tried it on

another system so again, it may just be me.


All in all MAONO's AU101 is as advertised, a wonderfully crafted and quality lavalier that will

not disappoint. The presentation, the construction and the extra care shown by MAONO

themselves sets it apart from many others and at only $19.28 it is going to be very, very hard

to compete with. If you like simple, accessible and worthy products that'll do as you wish

them to then look no further then the AU101.


I was looking for a budget friendly speaker to replace my JBL Clip 2 and finally found this

great little speaker. I was surprised to see that it has many features that are lacking in even

speaker double the price, so thought of going for it and I am totally happy.

Box Contents:
Speaker, Aux Cable, Clip On Ring, Micro Usb Charging Cable, Manual.

5 W Speaker, 1800 mAh Battery, Bluetooth version 4.2, IPX6 Water Proof

What's Good
Very good design with rounded corners and quality plastic makes it feels sturdy in hand.

Light weight and portable size with clip-on ring to hang it on to bag or bike.

It produces a maximum of 79-80dB which is really loud, sufficient for a medium sized room.

Sound Quality- The Bass is decent, Mids are very clear and Treble is slightly on higher

side for my taste. I used an equalizer to suit it to my taste. Overall the sound quality is really

great for its price.

Multi Feature- Works with Bluetooth, Aux & Micro SD Card.

Supports hands free calls over Bluetooth.

Bluetooth 4.2 provides strong connectivity. Did not face any drops even at long distance.

On Device controls available for Volume, Play/Pause, Next/Previous (Not available in

many other costly speakers too), Mode change, call receive/reject. All the buttons provide

good feedback.

LED on device to indicate low battery.

The Mode Change is a really great feature. I could easily swift between Bluetooth and

Aux. (Generally other speakers require you to disconnect Bluetooth to switch to Aux).

Long Aux Cable.

IPX6 water splash proof. Working perfectly fine even after few accidental spills of water at

the beach.

Great Battery Life- Used almost for 5 hrs and the battery is still at 80%. With volume at

60% surely it should give around 20 hrs. (Will update about the battery life after a month).

What's Not Good

As expected in any budget speaker, the vocals can experience distortion at high volume.

But it's observable only if you keep the speaker very close to you.

❌ The rubber pads provided at the bottom to prevent any movement are very tiny and

weak, wont last long.

I am in love with this speaker. It is filled with features and definitely a value for money

purchase. I totally recommend the product for any one looking for a good quality, weather

proof, feature rich speaker in budget.

Note: The sound in the video might vary depending on the device you are listening on. It is

just for getting an Idea.

Hope this is helpful.





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