Gain Adjust Makes the Difference!--By Ayrit

Gain Adjust Makes the Difference!--By Ayrit


"I'm a bit of an audio/tech/photography/gamer/science nerd." This is how Ayrit thinks about himself.

"The option to adjust the gain gives it an advantage over many of its competitors. It’s an easy rec for people that need a good inexpensive mic for Zoom or streaming," said Ayrit.

"You can tell that this microphone does produce really good quality audio."

He highly recommends that the flexibility of having the gain knob makes it a very versatile choice compared to a lot of other microphones at this price.

"So if you can looking for a simple zoom microphone or a streaming microphone, Maono PM461TR is easy to use with your desktop computer or laptop. I think it is a great option to look at and honestly, I will probably just keep using this one from here on!"