Good loud USB microphone--Gasper NG

Good loud USB microphone--Gasper NG

December 17,2019

WOW I didn't expect this it to be this good. I was a skeptic but this seemed to check a lot of

boxes for me. I've been traveling with this for the last week. It's shockingly good, loud, good

sound. This has a robust voice quality. It does not sound thin/tinty which is often the case.

I have been using it in hotel rooms and 10x13' room in my building. The USB microphone

come with one-key for mute: Updated verson table microphone with mute function, you just

need to touch the mute button slightly when you don't want to record your voice, and the

indicator light will turn to red. Also mute doesn't mean pause recording.


No need extra driver, plug and play: Easy to set up, it can be automatically identified after

plugging into your computer or other devices. You don't need to download other drivers to

run it.


Please remember to set this microphone as default device on sound setting of your 

computer. Wide pick-up distance: our recommended pick-up distance is 0.98 ft-9.84 ft. High

sensitivity: high Speed USB Cable lengths up to78 inches with no loss !


The microphone can pick up sound from 360-degree omnidirection.The microphone can

catch the slightest signal and reproduce your voice vividly like talking face to face. This little

microphone is quite impressive and I recommend it.




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