Nice budget USB studio microphone---The Texan

Nice budget USB studio microphone---The Texan

-December 17,2019

It is surprising what you can get in microphones these days on a budget. I bought this to help

improve the quality of the audio on my videos and it does a pretty good job. When properly

set up, the mic produces good quality audio.


This is a cardioid microphone and it lives up to the description of the polar pattern. It really

only picks up audio from a narrow range in front of the microphone. This is good if you need

to record in an environment where it is not totally quiet.

The mic has an on board headphones jack that allows you to plug your headphones right into

the mic and hear the sound the mic is picking up.


This was a little confusing to set up at first because in order for this to work, it has to create a

custom driver on your computer and you have to modify the Windows 10 audio Input settings

and point it to this new Maono headphones driver, for it to work right. But once you get it set

up, it works.

The only real issue I had with the kit was setting up the headphones jack part of it.

Something went wrong somewhere during the headphone driver installation and caused the

mic to record with a bunch of static.


This did not happen until I plugged my headphones into the on board headphones jack on

the mic. I eventually had to uninstall the drivers for the mic and headphones and restart my

computer and let the drivers install a fresh copy. Once I did this, the kit worked fine.


As a computer technician, I know that Windows driver installation is an automatic USB Plug

& Play function and it sometimes goes wrong for reason that cannot be explained. This is not

necessarily the fault of the equipment being plugged in, so I am not blaming the mic for it. It

just happens.

Like I said above, once set up correctly, the mic records good audio. The pick-up range is a

little shorter than what I would prefer though. You really have to be within 12 inches of the

front of the mic for it to pick up the full spectrum of your voice, even with the recording

volume turned up to maximum.


Whether this is good or bad is an issue of personal preference. Some people like to "eat the

mic", as I call it, and others like to sit back and relax. This mic would do really well for people

who like to get right on top of the mic.

Being able to hear through the mic as record via the headphones being plugged into the mic

is a useful feature. Unfortunately, what I hear is not a true replication of what is being

recorded. What I hear through the headphones is much louder and unfiltered than what the

recorded track actually sounds like.


I am not sure yet what is causing this. I am not sure if this is a hardware or software issue.

With more use and experience with the mic, I may be able to correct this in the settings. This

is one of the reasons that digital Plug & Play USB microphones are not popular with

professional recording artists who prefer analog microphone systems.


There a lot of things that happen automatically with digital USB mic systems that the audio

professional has no control over. So while they are convenient and fun to use, they do make

it more complicated to know what is causing an issue if something is not perfect.

All in all, it is a decent mic for an amateur that does not want to mortgage the house to buy a

professional level analog microphone system.




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