USB Micophone Kit YouTube Review

Plug and play awesomeness - by Evilzombie

This one in particular is a whole kit that is a complete, ready to go package as long as you have a computer with an available USB 2 or 3 port available to plug into.

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 - January 3, 2019

 It is indeed a plug and play setup where I did not need to install any software or drivers. I

plugged it in and it worked. But I do need to mention that it runs very loud and is by default at

100% volume in the microphone settings. Set this to around 50% and you should be fine.


This will help reduce the tons of background noise you will get otherwise. Remember that

this is a condenser microphone and not a dynamic, so it does require the USB port for power

and it will be more sensitive than a dynamic mic, so you will pick up background noises a bit

easier. This is not the fault of the microphone or of its quality, that's just how condenser mics

work, use it in a soundproofed environment for the best effect.

Lets go over the good and the bad, here's what I noticed when testing it out so far.


1. Good build quality - an all metal construction does say a lot for this mic set. It has a good

build quality and seems like it will survive some travel, the arm is also metal and feels pretty


2. Complete kit - Everything you need in one place, even pop filter and windscreen, that was

a nice touch.

3. Warm tone - It seems to come out with a nicer warm tone. I tend to enjoy using

compression and equalization to get a certain sound from mics, this is closer to what I aim for

by default, so that was nice.

4. Easy to setup - It took me all of 1 minute to set the whole thing up, I installed the arm,

attached the mic, plugged it in and I was good to go.


Suggestions: It would be pretty nifty if there were some sort of carrying bag included for

taking this on the go to have an all in one recording setup with you on the go. It would just be

nice to be able to podcast with a full setup if I cant get to my house. Just a fun thought.

Would I suggest this and to who? Yes I Would suggest this, I would say youtubers and

podcasters alike should check this out. This is a good kit for starting out with until you

eventually start to upgrade your gear piece by piece. It works well and feels like it will last.







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