Surprisingly  great microphone for the price---by J. Ashar

Surprisingly great microphone for the price---by J. Ashar

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I'm an artist manager, and one of my entertainers creates comedy skits for social media

platforms. Some of our concepts require voice-over work in the post-production process.


My artist was using his internal laptop microphone to do his voice-overs, and I was giving him

feedback that the audio didn't sound as clear as it needed to. We didn't have the budget

needed to get a high-quality microphone, so we tried using a lavalier microphone instead.

This worked fine, but it still lacked the depth that the voice-overs needed.

This is when we came across the MAONO Cardioid USB Microphone for under $50 on

Amazon. We knew we needed a bigger and higher quality microphone that would capture the

depth needed for the voice-overs, but we didn't want to pay over $100 for it.


When the MAONO microphone arrived, the first thing we noticed was how well the

microphone was packaged. It you notice in the pictures, all pieces of the microphone were

separated and organized in a very efficient manner. There were slots in the packaging cut

out for each piece! This made putting the microphone together very easy.

The microphone came with a boom arm that was able to clamp to a desk. This was great and

eliminated the need for a microphone stand. It also came with a pop filter and foam

windscreen to remove vocal plosives from the recording. I was very surprised at how

MAONO went above and beyond for a cardioid microphone under $50.


We tried recording for our voice-overs, and the recordings gave us exactly the quality we

needed to pull off certain concepts. If you're looking for a budget-friendly microphone for

sound recordings, this is definitely one of your best bets. It's better than using an internal

laptop or a lavalier microphone!



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