Unboxing MAONO AU-903 Fairy USB Microphone--By Marga

Unboxing MAONO AU-903 Fairy USB Microphone--By Marga

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Marga Del Mundo is a wonderful and lovely girl from the Philippines. She likes to make song covers, vlogs, and dance covers.


Maono AU-903:


0 Lantern Headphone Monitor
0 Lantern Headphone Monitor, Microphone Gain, and Volume Control: One more headphone jack that allows you to listen to what you're recording in real-time, without latency delays. What's more, Two adjustment buttons make it easy to adjust the headphone volume and microphone gain. HI-FI performance distinctive cardioid pick-up pattern, radio reception at different angles. Particular suitable for voice-overs, skype, Livestream, and so on.


She did a detailed review of the MAONO AU-903.


Features of the mic: 

 * Dual Mode & Dual Capsule Circuitry
You can select Cardioid or Omnidirectional pickup mode according to your situation, the Cardioid mode is more suitable for podcasting, interview, gaming, Recording, voice-over while the omnidirectional mode is better for scenes that need to record a lot of vocals like a meeting, conference.

  * Plug and Play
Easy to set up and compatible with Windows/Mac. Connect to the computer using the provided USB cable and choose the Maono Microphone as recording equipment on the sound setting of your computer. Tablet and Mobile phone through extra Type C to Type C/Micro USB cable(not included). No need for any other drivers and sound cards.

 * Fashionable and Non-slip Design
Aluminum alloy protects the microphone from been hurt and a metal base with a non-slip design has a certain anti-shock effect. 360° Flex the microphone to the position you want and then turn the screw to easily fix the angle. A detachable metal construction desktop stand allows you can fix the microphone to your boom arm. Full Metal Casing with cylindrical design gives a fashion feeling and better experience and leading new fashion trends.