Works as well as one double its price----by Brian

Works as well as one double its price----by Brian

I bought this microphone to record music at home - nothing fancy - just a decent starter

microphone I felt comfortable using that had a great sound. After using this all day since I

unboxed it, I'm quite pleased with the quality.


First off, the microphone was packaged nicely and had lots of foam to protect all the pieces.

Assembly was easy even though the instructions weren't super clear. The base is nice and

heavy and everything screwed in nicely.


The only thing that concerned me was that the pop filter felt a little cheap so I would be extra

careful with it so it doesn't break. After plugging it in to my mid 2012 Macbook Air, it worked

seamlessly and sounds fantastic!


Also, I was very surprised that even with background noise in my house, the mic seemed to

only pick up my voice singing into it -- very impressed by that! It's user friendly and perfect for

beginners. I'm very happy with this purchase!



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