USB Microphone Maono AU411 for Computer

You'll be surprised at the quality! -Matt Yellowhorse

-July 25, 2018

I actually think this lav mic sounds a lot better than the price point at which it's at! It was real

simple to setup it's plug and play and my computer recognized it no problem. I believe this is

one of the better lav mics out there for this price point, but do take in mind it's only limited to

your laptop/computer due to it only being a standard usb plug. Other than that this mic

sounds great!


                                                    Great low price

                                               Actually sounds good

                                              Has a Headphone jack


                                     Limited to only a laptop/computer

                         Picks up background noises(not as bad as others)

                           I would honestly recommend this usb lav mic!





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