Exclusive Christmas Offer

Merry Christmas! we are  so excited to share this moment with all our friends, why not pick up a best content creating gift for your friends or families.

Hurry up! Deal ends in

Exclusive Christmas Offer

Merry Christmas! we are  so excited to share this moment with all our friends, why not pick up a best content creating gift for your friends or families.

Hurry up! Deal ends in





Note:  Please leave a message for us If it is for Christmas, and we will try our best to select a quicker carrier for you,  if it can't be arrived on time, we will let you know first before arrange the delivery, please make sure your email and  address are exactly correct, and  be carefully checking your email box, thank yo very much for your understanding.

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PD400X black with free gift.png__PID:9821cb9f-2840-409c-b65d-bad6cb4c3f79

MAONO PD400X USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone

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Maono PD200X with windscreen free gift  black.png__PID:842b6336-9fc6-4db3-9927-bf5d393e60b4

MAONO PD200X USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone

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MAONO DM30RGB Gaming microphone.png__PID:c1d18406-674b-4ec2-b2c6-b03f6fe76445

MAONO DM30RGB USB Gaming Microphone

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Maono PM422 USB microphone.png__PID:26c55adc-1722-4456-bb1f-db8c45fe643c

MAONO PM422 Podcast USB Microphone Plug & Play

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Maonocaster AME2 Audio interface.png__PID:5a3a2bb4-0ae1-44b1-9316-370d865eb02f

MAONOCASTER AME2 Audio Interface & Podcast Equipment

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Maonocaster AMC2 Neo Audio interface.png__PID:555c028a-b472-44e5-ac7d-c834500c5986

AMC2 NEO One-Stop Streaming Audio Mixer & Sound Card

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MH601 headphones.png__PID:36431699-240d-42ed-8203-894de3f8527b

MAONO AU-MH601 Studio Monitoring Headphone

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Maono PM325T microphone.png__PID:527b9821-1ab6-4228-91fa-d1c8cc224c03

MAONO PM325T 3.5MM Condenser Microphone

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Best-Pick  Microphone with Boom Arm 

Maono PD400X with boom arm.png__PID:22419651-8677-4ffe-bad9-4f95365dc9d5

MAONO PD400XS USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone with Boom Arm

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MAONO PD200XS USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone Set with Boom Arm

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Maono DM30RGB gaming microphone (1).png__PID:ffc02d1c-a6dd-4e0a-ac1a-b1dfce91b06c

DM30RGB Gaming USB Microphone with Boom arm

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PD400X and  AME2 bundle.png__PID:cdfcd692-c85d-4653-977b-471dd2240a4d

Maonocaster AME2 and PD400X Podcasting Equipment Bundle

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maoncoaster AME2A podcasting production stuido.webp__PID:a5346f74-5dac-4113-bfa8-7ec9d2d6528d

MAONOCASTER AME2A Integrated Audio Production Studio

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PD200XS podcasting microphone with audio interface white.png__PID:a2b78b37-ad5d-4661-b6c4-04ec3104a32a

AMC2 NEO and PD200X All In One Personal Streaming Audio Production Studio

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Recommended by Professional Editors


the Maono PD400X dynamic microphone would appear to offer extremely good value. It performs well and has very solid construction quality that would suit a wide variety of users. For those who have minimal knowledge of post audio tuning and adjustment, the Maono Link software offers lots of easy settings to achieve different sound, depending on how the mic is being used.


if you want a clean audio rather than abundance of features look elsewhere, and ideally at a higher price range. However, if your focus is streaming on Twitch or doing Zoom calls, and you’re looking to spice the things up with a number of realtime sound effects, we can definitely recommend Maonocaster E2.


the PD400X is an eye-pleasing mic that offers high-quality sound to a variety of people. Whether you want to use it to game, record podcasts and voice-overs or simply have a call with friends, the versatile, easy-to-set-up mic can prove effective for both professional and non-professional users for a reasonable price.

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Christmas Acitivity Rules

Ⅰ. Please noted that the free gift will be delivered with your order together, if needed, we will deliver them seperately if the order is out of weight. and you don' have to place the order of it anymore.

Ⅱ.Please note that the product packaging in our pictures is only for display, the packaging of the actual shipped products comes with regular product packaging.

Ⅲ. Due to product weight, we will arrange the order shipping separately according to the order weight to ensure the safety of the goods.

Ⅳ. if you are purchasing the product for Christmas gifts, we recommend placing the order two weeks in advance and making a note on the order that it is a Christmas gift. We will try our best to choose a faster channel for delivery; We will inform you in advance before shipping if it is possible that the product may not arrive in time. Please provide the correct email, address and phone information to avoid being unable to contact you.

Ⅴ. Currently, some of our products are available in overseas warehouses. We will give priority to overseas warehouses to ship directly to you. If there is no stock, we will ship directly from the factory, which usually takes 7-15 weeks. If you do not specify it as a Christmas gift, we will select the normal channels to ship the goods to you by default.

*Please read the above delivery terms carefully before placing an order to avoid not receiving the goods within the required time. and the order will not be able to return and refunded if it is shipped and on the way.


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