If you could add one more feature to the PD400X, What would it be?

  • Featuring the cardioid polar pattern system, Maono PD400X only picks up the sound over its head, thus minimizing the background noise, which provides a clean and natural-sounding voice that brings out the best. play with our self-made Maono-link software will bring you a PRO experience.

    Why Do We Build Up the PD400X?

    Compared with the highly-competitive USB condenser microphones, there are relatively few choices of USB podcast dynamic microphones in the market, also as the price is relatively high. XLR podcast microphones also lack cost-effective products. There comes the PD400X, which is a multi-functional XLR/USB dual-mode dynamic microphone designed for network podcasting that will meet all your needs.

    Let's check out a short video below for all you would like to know about PD400X:

    Maono PD400X mic has already available on Kickstarter,  If you are considering getting a microphone, will PD400X be your choice?  If you can add one more feature to it, Which features you'd like to add? Maono would love to hear your ideas and feedback, thus improving the PD400X to a better level,  Let's hear it in the comments and tell the community what's on your mind.

  • Is this GREAT to play Fortnite?

  • Microfono nuovo di zecca di maono, mi sto preparando ad aggiornare la mia attrezzatura per podcast, in attesa del suo rilascio

  • When will it be online?

  • @Janey White it is now already available on our Kickstarter, you can place the order directly on our Kickstarter, if your country is not allowed to place the order, pls write to angela@maono.com.  we will guide you on how to successfully place the order for PD400X.

  • @Andrew tate Hi, Andrew, yea, it is good for playing any games you like, you will have an awesome experience while using the PD400X

  • @Yeates Lane Glad to hear that you like it, you can have it on our Kickstarter campaign if you like it😎😎

  • the gain knob and audio monitoring

  • Amazing Sound Performance

  • @JB Fan glad to hear that💯

  • admiro mucho la compañía de maono, pues fábricas muy buenos micrófonos y de excelente calidad, pero porfavor me pueden decir cómo puedo adquirir un pd400x a Guatemala, por que me dice no disponible porfavor si pueden ayudarme 

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