Maono August Hot Deals is Starting, Let's see what's the DEAL.

  • For the purpose of enabling more friends to try our products and giving back to our old users, what's more, and let users better understand the best recommendation products they can try first, Maono designed to have released monthly discount promotions for specific products. Now, the August Hot Deal Activity has been firing up on our store, up to 15% off, and buy more get more. Click here to check if your desired mic is on sale or not>>

    In Addition, We Maono decided to add every Wednesday as our member day for celebrating the birth of the Maono company,  we'd like to hear your idea about what promotion gift you'd like to get on that day, comment the option 1, or 2 below, or if you have any good idea,  we will take it into consideration.

    1. Up to $59, customizable Maono Collection Eco Bag       2. 10% Off for All Orders

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