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The Best Live Streaming Platform for Gaming

The Best Live Streaming Platform for Gaming

With the plethora of options available, which is truly the best live streaming platform for gaming?
by Kana Zhou | Sep 07, 2023
DM20 USB gaming microphone

DM20 USB Gaming Microphone Introduction

Maono has always been ranked top in the list of USB microphones in the market and as the global best-selling microphone brand, we believe that no Gamers doesn’t like the thrill of enjoying the game...
by Cai Joyce | Feb 17, 2023
DM30 USB Condenser Microphone

Maono DM30 USB Condenser Microphone Introduction

What’s DM30? Maono DM30 USB condenser microphone is designed to satisfy the all-dimension needs of gamers, whether you are beginners or professional gamers. It is a USB condenser gaming microphone ...
by Angela Maono | Aug 22, 2022
PD400X dynamic microphone

Maono Link Brings Advanced Audio Processing Features to PD400X

In the past weeks, 266 backers have pledged US$42,796 for Maono PD400X Dynamic Microphone Kickstarter project. We are so excited to receive some feedback from users on Kickstarter. One user name Ri...
by Angela Maono | Aug 10, 2022
PD400X Dynamic Microphone

Big News ! Maono PD400X Reaches its Crowdfunding Goal in Just 2 Hours

Maono dynamic microphone PD400X completed the crowdfunding goal just 2 hours after its launch. In less than a day, 142 users have successively supported our PD400X and raised $22,230 on Kickstarter...
by Angela Maono | Aug 04, 2022
PD400X Dynamic microphone

Maono PD400X Versatile Podcast Dynamic Microphone Is Coming!

Maono dynamic microphone PD400X is a broadcast-grade microphone specially designed for podcasting, gaming, streaming, and other voice-based applications. The microphone features high-performance XL...
by Angela Maono | Jul 29, 2022


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