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1best microphone for gaming

What is the Best Microphone for Gaming

Gaming has gone from being a small hobby to part of daily life and culture. The evolution, combined with the rise of the Internet, has allowed millions of people to collaborate, compete, team up, a...
by Genevieve Santos | Jun 15, 2024
maono gaming mic for streaming

2024 Best Budget Microphone For Game Streaming

Content creators strive to engage their audiences with high-quality audiovisual experiences, making the role of a good microphone for streaming a top priority. No matter if you're into gaming, musi...
by Genevieve Santos | Jun 11, 2024
good gaming microphone

14 Things to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Microphone

Using a good gaming microphone is important for both gaming and live streaming. A survey from 2020 shows that 100% of Steam gamers use a microphone while playing. Why is it necessary to invest in a...
by Genevieve Santos | Jun 05, 2024
gaming microphone pc

How to Build Up Yourself A Gaming and Streaming Set Up at Home

Imagine walking into a room where the illumination of RGB lights synchronizes perfectly with your heartbeat and where every touch of the mouse and keystroke seems like a thought of your own. This i...
by Genevieve Santos | Jun 03, 2024
game live stream

What Are the Main Concerns That Users Encounter on Live Streaming?

Live streaming is a great way to attract an online audience. Statistics show that the streaming market is projected to increase its annual growth rate to 9.89 percent and reach a projected volume o...
by Genevieve Santos | May 31, 2024
Maonocaster G1 NEO & PD100X Gaming Bundle: Ultimate Streaming Solution

Maonocaster G1 NEO & PD100X Gaming Bundle: Ultimate Streaming Solution

The PD100X & Maonocaster AMG1 NEO is an all-in-one gaming gear bundle for gamers and streamers. It offers impeccable sound, customized effects, and dynamic RGB lighting for an immersive streami...
by Kana Zhou | May 30, 2024