MAONO PD400X USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone
MAONO PD400X USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone
Sale priceFrom $149.99
Maono MH601 Headphone for Gaming
MAONO MH601 Ultra-Light PC Gaming Headset
Sale price$49.99
MAONOCASTER AME2 Integrated Audio Production Studio
MAONOCASTER AME2 Integrated Audio Production Studio
Sale priceFrom $119.99
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Maono Advanced Voice

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maono tailand exhibition

Maono Shows Up on Bangkok International Photo Fair 2022

Bangkok International Photo Fair 2022, Asia's biggest camera and equipment exhibition for leading brands around the world, took place last week from 23rd-27th Nov in Bangkok, Thailand. Many innovat...
DM30 USB Microphone 12

Maono DM30 USB Microphone wins CES 2023 Innovation Award

What is exciting is that after the Maonocaster AM100 podcast audio inteface won the CES Innovation Award in 2020, this year Maono achieved another success. The brand's USB microphone DM30 programma...
Maono Logistics Delay Statement

Maono Logistics Delay Statement

Dear Customer, Greeting from Maono, Thanks for all your support, we would like to keep you informed in advance that there may be delays in logistics and delivery in the last few months. We will try...

Influencer Reviews

Make Life Click

I am actually really impressed about its' performance. I think DM30 is great little unit, the build quality is fantastic and got all the features you need.

El Primo Joxe

Perfect for podcasters and steaming, it first impressions and tests of the new PD400X that has the best features on the market.

Tobias Holenstein

The Audio that PM500T, the large diaphragm XLR condenser microphone picks up is just so clean in general.

Tech Notice

I'm really loving this microphone. I have a handful of expensive XLR mics, but for what I needed this USB mic does the job.

Tammy Sypniewski

MAONO has really upped their game with this amazing XLR condenser cardioid microphone. best budget mic for podcasts.

Riverside Studios

This is a very nice microphone. The base plate is sturdy steel, the microphone has the heft to it, and it assembles without issues.

Tech 4 Tuber

This is my second Maono product and as before, I'm very impressed. Sound quality matches higher-end brands. Love the Mic.

Greg Toope

I got this to record voice overs for my youtube channel & to use as my microphone while streaming. instant upgrade for my video.

Tech Summit

I like this PD400X microphone. pretty awesome one. if you are really interested in it. it is definitely worth a wait.


I like how simple the WM820 A2 is, it is very very light and this tiny product is so easy to use. bet worth a try.

ASMR Benet

I really like the sound of these WM820 button holes plus everything I want to change the situation in the video

Eazy Computer Solutions

Forget Rode Wireless Go | Maono WM821 Wireless Mic system May be better!!!

Greg Toope

If you on the budget and you want something fire on yourself, or doing vlog or youtube video whatevers. I think the WM820 is a good option.

Justin and Alicia

Why I am saying it's really a portable set microphone because you could record anywhere in your car or whatever you like.

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Excellent Complete Wireless Lav Microphone Set That Has: Great Sound, Features, and Functionality!

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