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gaming microphone comparision

DM30, DM30RGB, Gamerwave, PD200X USB Gaming Microphone Comparision

Are you looking for the best gaming microphone? Look no further than a high-quality condenser USB microphone. These microphones are designed specifically for recording clear and crisp audio, making...
ame2 sound card

How to Choose the Best Maono Podcasting Microphone for AME2 Sound Card?

In the audio field, the sound card is a crucial device that provides us with a high quality recording and playback experience. MAONO is a fast growing Internet microphone audio brand, (click the li...
How to Set up PD200X XLR/USB RGB Microphone ?

How to Set up PD200X XLR/USB RGB Podcasting Microphone ?

Are you having trouble deciding between the PD200X and PD400X when you visit the Maono shopping website? Have a PD200X XLR/USB RGB microphone that you have already purchased but are unsure how to ...
podcasters make money

How to Make Money in Podcasting?

Podcasting is a creative work that can be fun, engaging, and lucrative. This is the place where you get paid to talk about your favorite things. You can become anything you want and engulf the joy ...
PD400X podcasting microphone

What Type of Mic is Best For Podcasting?

It might seem obvious, but it’s a question worth asking: Why bother investing in a good podcast microphone at all? A good Podcasting microphone is important because it helps capture high-quality au...
Maono NAMM show

Maono Internet Microphone Brand Shows up on NAMM & NAB Exhibition 2023

Are you excited to check out Maono's big events at the exhibition in April? we are so thrilled to meet our loyal users and met the famous Youtuber at the exhibition.  So many users at the exhibitio...

Maonocaster AM100, AM200 and AME2 Audio Interface Comparison

What is Audio Interface? Audio interface, also named audio mixer, is a kind of audio device that connects audio equipment,  such as microphones, instruments, and speakers, to a computer. It serves ...
DM20 RGB gaming microphone

How to Pick an RGB Gaming Microphone ?

Like to play games? Want to have an RGB gaming microphone that best suits your needs? Then you've come to the right place!The strong growth of the global online gaming market and gamers' increasing...
Maono 2023 Exhibitions

Maono 2023 Exhibition Invitation For Everyone

Excited to announce that Maono will attend three exhibitions 2023 in Hong Kong and the US in April. we will bring our new latest products like PD200X, PD400X, DM30 RGB, DM70, and DM90 podcasting an...


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