Shipping Policy

Please read the following shipping terms carefully before purchasing MAONO products.

1.Currently some products of MAONO are only available in some countries, and some products can only be shipped from China direct after purchase. We will prioritize the delivery from the local overseas warehouse according to the actual situation of the order. If there is no local inventory, we will Arrange for products to be shipped from China. you can refer to the extimate delivery date while enter cart page or checkout page. Please note that the estimated shipping date is only for the working day. and is only for reference, the specific delivery time is subject to the actual situation. it will take longer if your address is not provided correctly or your country is too distant. Maono reserves the right of final interpretation. please kindly write to if you have any questions.

2.In addition, our products are currently only sold in the some countries only. If your country is not included in the shipping address, please send the product type you are interested in and the quantity to, and we will get back to you if it is allowed to be delivered and quote you the delivery fee.

3. If the order is sent lost during delivery, Maono will email you and check if you'd like us to deliver another one, or we will issue a refund for you. we appreciate your understanding. please note that Maono reserves the right of final interpretation.


The above dates are estimate delivery time and are all working days. If there is a weekend, the delivery time will be automatically postponed. if your countries is too distant, it will take longer to delivery. please email to If you have any doubts about the delivery of the order. If the payment is delayed, the processing time will be lengthened. Shipping costs will be automatically billed at check out based on your shipping address.The processing time of materials will be extended during the promotion period.

3. Some countries may generate tariffs for shipments from China, please know well about your country's tariff policy. All products sold by MAONO default to FOB transaction terms, and buyers will bear various taxes in their country/region. No import duties are required for shipments from local warehouses.


1.Please confirm your shipping address prior to completing your order. If you want to modify your shipping address, please email us ( within 48 hours of purchase, or we will ship to the address according to your order information.

2. If there is any force majeure that causes our products damaged in transit, please contact us immediately at after you receive your package. And we hope to get your understanding and patience in this circumstance.

3. Please note that the notification email will be sent to the email address you left in your contact information on the checkout page or the email address you used to register your account. If the email address you left is invalid or not in use, we will not be liable for any risk or loss caused by this.

4. If you change your mind midway, please don't just reject the package. To cancel your order, please contact us to explain the situation ( and we will handle the return for you in accordance with our return/refund policy. We do not assume the risk of loss or damage to the package arising from the rejection.

5. Please contact us at within 7 days of the delivery suggested by the official tracking system of logistics companies if you do not receive the order, or we shall bear no responsibility on this occasion.

6. Please be well known that if you successfully place an order on Maono’s website and the buyer chooses to refund due to the following reasons while Maono does not arrange the order delivery yet, the order will generate a corresponding 2% transaction fee when the transaction is successful and the third-party like Paypal won't refund the 2% transaction fee when refund is issued. so the 2% transaction fee will be borne by either sellers or buyers.

The balance will be returned by Maono after deducting a 2% handling fee of the order amount if caused by the reasons as follows:

Ⅰ. The buyer doesn't like the product and wants to issue a refund.

Ⅱ. the delivery cannot be delivered successfully due to the lack of customer information, and we aren't able to contact the customer.

ⅱ. if some product needs an extra shipping fee, and the customer refuses to pay the extra shipping fee and would like to issue a refund.

A 2% handling fee will be borne by Maono due to the reason as follows:

Ⅰ. we have set it available to your country, but the order can't be sent to your country.

Ⅱ. If the product is out of stock and your order can't be delivered normally.

7.If there is any damage to the package and/or products inside, or if there is any item(s) missing, please contact us at  within the day with pictures and/or videos.FAQs about Orders/ Deliveries / the COVID-19 virus.

Please read carefully before placing the order. thank you so much for your understanding be well known that MAONO company has the right to interpret the above terms.


1.Whether global free shipping or not?

It is not global free shipping. Due to Express company's different charge standards in different countries, Free standard shipping is only available for part of the countries. We will charge for the additional shipping costs when shipping to a remote country/area or a remote area fee will be charged by the carrier.

2.Why do I need to pay for remote area fees?

Express companies (DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS, etc.) delimit different areas as remote areas based on their standard. So we do not know whether your address is a remote area before we get your address information. Customers will need to pay for remote area fees if ship to a remote area.

3.Why my order always does not have detailed tracking information?

After you finished the payment, we need 1-3 days to handle the order, then send it to the Express company. Express company needs check and records, then arrange delivery. And due to the current control measures applied globally aimed at avoiding the diffusion of the COVID-19 virus, shipments and track info may be delayed. Please understand.

4.What's the status of my order and delivery?

You can track your order and deliveries from Your Orders. Once your order has shipped, you can find tracking information in your order details. You will receive an e-mail notifying you once your order has shipped. The email will include a unique parcel tracking number. The status of your order can be reviewed by logging into "My Account". Click on " My Order " to review your order status and/or obtain a tracking number.

5.Can I change the address on my order?

Customers can contact to change the delivery address before we ship out the order. Once the package is shipped out, the address can’t be change, please make sure confirm the address carefully when you place the order.

6. How long is the product warranty

And please learn that All Maono products have a 12-month valid warranty, and we offer lifetime technical support


Please Read Carefully Before Placing the Order.

In view of the fact that a very small number of users write that the received packages were exchanged by the customs, the package was damaged or the goods were stolen, Maono currently has the following solutions for such phenomenon. Please read carefully before purchasing. If the order is successfully placed, we take that you read this information clearly and accepted the following terms by defaut.

For the phenomenon that the received package is exchanged or the package is damaged:

First of all, we strongly suggest that users check the package first when receiving the product, carefully making sure that the package is not be damaged, not be opened, or does match the actual weight of the product it should be, please remember to take pictures of the entire package and the entire product or take an unboxing video for the product for subsequent submission of after-sales support for verification and negotiation with the seller for claims if it is one of the phenomena of above.

How to Take Pictures : turn on the camera function of the mobile phone - save after taking pictures of unpacked packages - take pictures of the inside packages after removing the outer box and save them - take pictures of products and parts inside  and save them, make sure everything is brandnew and didn’t damage.

Video Content Shooting Steps: Open the mobile phone video - show the integrity of the unpacked package - unpack - take out the product and components for installation - test - save

This is done for two reasons:

Ⅰ. To protect the rights and interests of users, we can know whether the package is delivered normally and safely, and then provide suggestions for the packaging department of the product and the logistics party, so as to provide users with better logistics services.

Ⅱ. MAONO hopes that users can actively provide videos of your unboxing and playing around with the product, and provide other users with some user experience to help them choose the right product. Welcome to leave comments with pictures in the evaluation on the official website. Or share your unboxing video on your social media @maonoglabal to let us know and authorize us to use the video, then you will get a random gift from Maono. Please read the custom card inside the package for details.

In addition, the review photos or videos submitted by buyers generally have the following two results, please read carefully:

For the phenomenon that the Packet Loss:

Please check the monitoring first to determine whether the package has been stolen?

Please provide surveillance video to prove that the package was stolen and we will submit it to the logistics party for a claim, and reissue the goods or refund you of the product price within 3-7 days.  if the resend product is lost again, Maono will no longer bear any responsibilities, and fees will not be refunded. If there is any objection to this, the buyer can file a platform complaint to resolve it.

2. If you can not provide us the surveillance video, we cannot determine the exact reason of the lost package, if the users would like to reissue a new product, both parties will have to bear part of the responsibility. Users must pay the shipping fee for resending the new package and 1/3 of the product price. and Maono will bear 2/3 of the product price. we will reissue within 1-3 days after receive the payment, if the reissued product is lost or replaced again. Maono will not bear any responsibility and order will not be refund. thank you so much for your understanding.

If you have any doubt about the terms above, please write to my colleague will help answering your question.

Please noted that MAONO company has the right to interpret the above terms.