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Maono Microphone Boom Arms Complete Comparision

Microphone boom arms are essential tools for streamers, podcasters, and musicians, offering flexibility, stability, and ease of use. Maono, a well-known audio equipment brand, provides various boom arms models, each catering to different needs and preferences. In this article, we will deeply compare four popular Maono microphone boom arms: B01, BA90, BA92, and BA37, highlighting their features, strengths, and ideal use cases. and you will also learn more about how to select a suitable microphone boom arm for your desktop.

What is a microphone boom arm?

A microphone boom arm is a specialized type of microphone stand that attaches to a desk using a mounting clamp, offering 360-degree rotation. Typically, these arms weigh approximately 3-5 labs (1.4-2.3 kg) and feature a flexible arm extension of about 39 inches (1 meter). Higher-quality boom arms are equipped with silent springs and can support microphones weighing up to 2.6 labs (1.2 kg).

The best microphone boom arms are constructed from premium, lightweight materials and feature internal dampening for silent operation. They offer 360-degree rotation and facilitate easy positioning of even heavy microphones. An excellent microphone boom should include a sturdy clamp and an efficient cable management system.

Sometimes when you buy a microphone, you will find that the package usually includes:

ⅠAdjustable Boom Arm: A versatile microphone support structure.

Ⅱ 5/8 to 3/8 Adapter: Allows mounting of various microphone types.
Desk Mount Clamp: Compatible with surfaces 2-3 inches (51-76 mm) thick.

Ⅲ Threaded Desk Mount (Optional): For mounting on desks with a cutout.

Ⅳ Wall Mount (Optional): Enables attachment of the microphone to tables, walls, ceilings, or other surfaces.

Ⅴ Cable Management (Optional): Basic models require manual cable wrapping.
Mid-range models include cable clips.

Ⅵ High-end models feature integrated cable trays for neat and efficient cable organization.

Sometimes some friends are confused about which microphone is compatible with the Maono boom arm and which boom arm they should pick. Now Let’s learn more about what is the main differences among the B01( name will be updated to BA20 soon) / BA90 / BA92 / BA37 microphone stands.

Here's a picture for you to better understand the differences among the Maono microphone boom arms

microphone boom arm

Maono B01 Microphone Suspension Boom Arm Stand

MAONO PD200X XLR/USB Dynamic Microphone

The Maono B01(BA20) boom arm stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to providing reliable and versatile audio equipment. As Maono's inaugural microphone stand, the B01(BA20) quickly became a best-selling accessory, renowned for its compatibility with a range of lighter microphones.

The B01(BA20) is specifically designed for lighter microphones, such as the A04 and PM422. This compatibility has made it a popular choice among users seeking a cost-effective solution. With advancements in microphone technology, the B01 (BA20) now supports relatively light USB microphones, including the DM30RGB, DGM20 Gamerwave, and PD200X, among others.

The B01(BA20) offers exceptional value, combining affordability with reliable performance, making it an excellent investment for both beginners and professionals.

Key Features:

ⅠDurability: Made from high-quality steel, ensuring longevity.
Ⅱ Flexibility: Offers a full 360-degree rotation, allowing for easy positioning.
Ⅲ Load Capacity: Can hold microphones weighing up to 4lbs (2 kg).
Ⅳ Compatibility: Compatible with most microphones and shock mounts.
Ⅴ Desk Clamp: Sturdy and adjustable, fits desks between 1.7''- 2.2'' inches thick.


Price relatively lower than other microphone boom arm in the market
Ⅱ Strong and durable construction.
Ⅲ Easy to adjust and position.
Ⅳ Suitable for a variety of microphones.


Slightly heavier compared to other models, which might limit portability.

Compatible Microphone:

Maono: PD400X/ PD200X/ DM30RGB/ DGM20
Other Brands: Shure MV7 / Shure MV7B / AT2020 / Blue yeti / FIfine K688 / Hyper X QuandCast S / Razer Seiren X / Razer Seiren Mini

Technical Specifications:

360-Degree Rotation: The B01(BA20) features a 360-degree rotating head, allowing for effortless positioning and adjustment to achieve the ideal recording angle.

Adjustable Arm: The foldable arm design enhances convenience, enabling users to easily adjust the height and angle to suit their recording needs.
Load Capacity: While optimized for lighter microphones, the B01(BA20) provides robust support, ensuring stability and reliability during use.

Anyway, The Maono (BA20) boom arm is a highly versatile and cost-effective solution for beginners seeking a reliable microphone stand. Its compatibility with a range of lighter microphones, combined with its adjustable and foldable design, makes it an indispensable accessory for achieving optimal recording conditions.

Maono BA90 Boom arm / Microphone Stand

maono podcasting equipment bundle

The BA90 is designed with professional users in mind, offering enhanced stability and load-bearing capacity. This microphone boom arm features an internal tension spring that delivers silent and flexible positioning. Hidden cable management for a neat look. Allows you to adjust the boom arm with great flexibility. Compatible with all shock mounts, Which makes it an ideal choice for professionals seeking a reliable and efficient microphone support solution.


Ⅰ Heavy-Duty Build: Reinforced steel frame for increased durability.
Ⅱ Extended Reach: Longer arm length for better reach and positioning.
Ⅲ Load Capacity: Can support microphones up to 4.4 labs (2 kg).
Ⅳ Cable Management: Integrated cable clips to keep your setup tidy.
Ⅴ Desk Clamp: Robust and can attach to desks up to 2.2 inches thick.
Ⅵ Flexibility: Offers a full 360-degree rotation, allowing for easy positioning.


ⅠExcellent stability and reach.
Ⅱ Integrated cable management system.
Ⅲ Suitable for heavier microphones.
Ⅳ Cable Management


Larger desk clamps may not fit all desk types.
Ⅱ The price is relatively higher


Because this microphone has a built-in spring, Only when you install the microphone in the hea together during installation, there will be enough weight for the balance and you will be able to lock the joint and adjust it properly.

Compatible Microphones:

Maono: PD400X/ PD200X/ PM500/ PD100X/ PD100 / PD100U / DM50
Other Brand Shure SM7B MV7, Blue Yeti, Razer, Ice Snowball, Hyperx 
Quadcast, Audio-Technica, Fifine.

Maono BA92 Boom arm / Microphone Stand


The MAONO BA92 microphone boom arm is designed to sit low on your desk, seamlessly integrating into your workspace. It securely attaches to desktops up to 2.2" in thickness, and easily pushes behind the display without taking up extra space, making it perfect for gaming most of the time.

Unlike BA90 and B01 microphones, this boom arm stand can extend from the bottom of your computer screen, which saves more space in an unobstructed view. This low-profile boom arm offers exceptional flexibility with its -90° to +90° tilt and 360° rotation. Also, The heavy-duty boom end fits 3/8" or 5/8" mic threads and can support up to 4.4 labs (around 2kg) in weight. You can easily position your microphone exactly so you can speak, sing, and record at a comfortable angle.


Ⅰ Versatile Design: Lightweight yet durable, ideal for various recording setups.
Ⅱ Smooth Adjustability: Easy to adjust with tension knobs for precise positioning.
Ⅲ Load Capacity: Supports microphones up to 4.4 labs ( around 2kg).
Ⅳ Sleek Appearance: Modern design with a matte finish.
Ⅴ Desk Clamp: Compatible with desks up to 2.2 inches thick.
Ⅵ Cable Management: Integrated cable clips to keep your setup tidy.


Ⅰ Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
Ⅱ Sleek and modern design.
Ⅲ Suitable for medium-weight microphones.
Ⅳ More stable to use


Ⅰ The desktop space will be larger than the previous two brackets.
The microphone is also used at a lower height compared to B01 and BA90

Compatible Microphone Types:

Maono: PD400X/ PD200X/ PM500/ PD100X/ PD100 / PD100U / DM50
Other Brand: Shure SM7B Shure MV7, Blue Yeti, Razer, Ice Snowball, Hyperx Quadcast, Audio-Technica, Fifine

Maono BA37 Boom arm / Microphone Stand

MAONO BA37 is the latest stand that will be launched soon. It is currently only available for pre-sale. The overall structure and material of this microphone stand are somewhat similar to B01, but the overall texture will be more professional, and the rotation and movement will be smoother. In addition, the design area of the desktop clamp will be larger, and the desktop fixation will be relatively more secure.

Key Features:

Ⅰ. Compact Size: Smaller footprint, ideal for limited spaces.
Ⅱ. Adjustable Arm: Flexible positioning with a 360-degree rotation.
Ⅲ. Load Capacity: Can hold microphones up to 4.4 labs ( around 2kg).
Ⅳ. Affordability: Budget-friendly without compromising on essential features.
Ⅴ. Desk Clamp: Fits desks up to 1.7''- 2.2'' inches thick.


Affordable price point.
Compact and space-saving design.
Suitable for lighter microphones.


Limited load capacity.
Less durable compared to higher-end models.

Compatible Microphone:

Maono: PD400X/ PD200X/ PM500/ PD100X/ PD100 / PD100U / DM50
Other Brands: Shure SM7B Shure MV7, Blue Yeti, Razer, Ice Snowball, Hyperx Quadcast, Audio-Technica,Fifine


And How to Select your microphone boom arm that matches your mic?

First of all, selecting the right microphone boom arm is crucial for optimizing your recording setup, whether for podcasting, streaming, or professional audio work. Here are key factors to consider when finding the perfect match for your microphone and needs:

Ⅰ. Load Capacity:First and foremost, consider the weight of your microphone. Boom arms are designed to support different load capacities. Ensure the boom arm you choose can comfortably handle the weight of your microphone and any additional accessories, such as shock mounts or pop filters.

Ⅱ. Adjustability and Range: The flexibility of a boom arm is essential for achieving the ideal microphone placement. Look for boom arms with adjustable arms and heads, offering 360-degree rotation and a wide range of motion. This allows for precise positioning, accommodating various recording environments and setups.

Ⅲ. Build Quality and Durability: Investing in a sturdy and durable boom arm ensures longevity and reliable performance. Boom arms made from high-quality materials, such as steel, provide the necessary strength to support your equipment while withstanding frequent adjustments and use.
Ⅳ. Cable Management: A clean and organized setup is vital for both aesthetics and functionality. Boom arms with integrated or hidden cable management systems help keep cables tidy and out of the way, reducing clutter and potential interference during recording sessions.

Ⅴ. Mounting Options: Consider the mounting mechanism of the boom arm. Desk clamps are common and should fit securely on your desk or table. Ensure the clamp is adjustable and compatible with the thickness of your desk. Some boom arms also offer wall or ceiling mounting options for more permanent installations.

Ⅵ. Compatibility:Check the compatibility of the boom arm with your microphone and any accessories you plan to use. Some boom arms come with standard threading compatible with most microphones and shock mounts, while others might require adapters.

Ⅶ. Budget: Finally, consider your budget. While it’s important to invest in quality, there are various boom arms available across different price ranges. Balance your needs with your budget to find a boom arm that offers the best value for your investment.

Finding the perfect microphone boom arm involves evaluating your specific needs, from load capacity and adjustability to build quality and cable management. By carefully considering these factors, you can select a boom arm that enhances your recording experience, providing stability, flexibility, and a professional setup tailored to your requirements.