Manuals and Drivers

Maono microphone Manuals and DrivesThe following instructions are all official translations from MAONO. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

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Podcast Microphones

MaonoMaono  Maono Maono Maono MaonoMAONO MAONO MAONO MAONO

   AU-PM461TR     AU-PM401      AU-PM420          AU-PM421          AU-PM422            AU-902            AU-903            AU-PM320S        AU-A04          AU-A04 Plus


     AU-A04H            AU-A04T         AU-A04TC      AU-A425 Plus     AU-PM401H         AU-PM360TR    AU-902S            AU-A03          AU-HD300S       AU-HD300T


   AU-PM421T      AU-PM325T     AU-PM500


Lavalier/Wireless Microphones


       AU-100           AU-100R           AU-102             AU-200             AU-303                AU-402L           AU-410          AU-XLR10        AU-UL10        AU-XLR20 


       AU-411          AU-WM730      AU-WM820   AU-WM820-A2    AU-WM820-B2 

Video/Handheld Mic


    AU-CM11PL     AU-CM10         AU-CM10S    


Conference/Gaming Mic

    AU-BM10          AU-GM10         AU-GM30       AU-GM31


Mic Accessories 


     AU-MH501      AU-MH601


Voice Amplifier


     AU-C01             AU-C03       


MAONOCASTER-Audio Interface


   AU-AM200      AU-AM200-S1    AU-AM100    Maonocaster E2    Maonocaster App User Guide



  Setup and Adobe Audition Guide (Jan 18, 2021 Updated)
  Sample Audio Clips Download 

  Maonocaster AU-AM100 Starter Guide

  AU-AM100 for kickstarter customers only(Windows-Only Model)
  Windows Companion App Download

  AU-AM100 (Windows &macOS Model)
  Windows Companion App Download (ENG) (Use on windows systems)
  macOS Companion App Download (ENG)  (Use on mac systems)

  Maonocaster_DFU_Windows(Update tools)


  Firmware and update tools

  Maonocaster Lite Upgrade Steps

  How to use Maonocaster Lite AU-AM200 correctly?     

  Host devices do not recognize the audio interface or the mic

  Maonocaster Lite AM200 setting guide of host devices and common software


Maonocaster E2 Update drivers

User Guide Video for Maonocaster E2

 Multimedia monitor speakers

 MBS-400 PC software

This software is the PC-side software of a multimedia monitor speaker of MBS- 400, which can realize the independent setting adjustment of acoustic EQ gain, the adjustment of a high, medium, and low-frequency volume, and the functions required for professional tunings such as high-pass, low-pass, and sub-limiting to meet the needs of the majority of audio users.








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