Which one is the better gaming mic: DGM20 VS DM30RGB?

Which one is the better gaming mic: DGM20 VS DM30RGB?

To explore the gaming world, choosing a best microphone for gaming has become a common understanding among most gamers. Maono knows this very well, so in the past few years, it has been launching several gaming mics specially designed for gamers. Among them, the most popular ones are the DGM20 and DM30RGB gaming microphones. The same excellent performance and appearance will make many gamers confused. Which gaming mic is more suitable for them? This article will guide you in detail to choose the best gaming microphone for you.

DM30RGB USB Gaming Microphone|Price at $52.99


  1. 3 In 1 Multi Function Button: Mute\Gain control \Monitor adjustment
  2. Controllable RGB Lighting
  3. Work with Maonolink
  4. All Metal Shock Absorbing Base
  5. Real Monitoring
  6. Smooth and Clear Voice

The DM30RGB USB gaming microphone features controllable RGB lighting, offering 5 dynamic multi-color gradients and 7 static solid colors for customization. It utilizes a Cardioid pattern for excellent off-axis noise suppression. Adjustments such as mic gain, headphone volume, and RGB lighting can be made via Maono-Link. MaonoLink is a microphone control software developed by Maono, offering professional audio parameter adjustments. Users can accurately adjust microphone gain, headphone volume, and monitoring ratio. The latest updates include one-click mute microphone tone preset adjustment and easy access to sound equalizer, compressor, and limiter for enhanced audio customization. With a high-sensitivity condenser microphone core and USB-C port, it's suitable for gaming, live-streaming, and podcasting, offering versatility and high-quality audio reproduction.

DGM20 Condenser USB Gaming RGB Microphone|Price at $43.99


  1. High Sensitivity Cardioid Pickup
  2. One-tap Noise Reduction
  3. RGB Ambient Light That Can Be Turned Off
  4. Zero Latency Monitoring in USB Mode
  5. USB/USB-C Connectivities

The DGM20 USB condenser gaming microphone offers one-tap noise reduction with ENC tech, providing crisp and accurate sound reproduction. It features RGB ambient lighting with three modes for customizable effects. With zero-latency monitoring and a headphone jack, users can monitor their voice in real time during recordings. The gaming mic supports USB and USB-C connectivity for easy plug-and-play functionality. Equipped with high-sensitivity cardioid pickup, it effectively suppresses off-axis sound, eliminating background noise for clear voice capture. This gaming USB microphone is an excellent option for gamers and live broadcasters, with the flexibility to toggle the RGB ambient light on or off as desired.

Main Difference

1. Appearance

DM30RGB USB gaming microphone has a full metal texture, while DGM20 USB gaming microphone is mainly made of plastic structure. For players who are more pursuing the quality of gaming mics, DM30RGB may be your better choice.

2. Design

The DMG20's pop filter has been pre-installed on the shock mount. The DM30RGB gaming mic does not come with a anti-blowout net. If necessary, gamers can purchase an additional pop filter. The knob of the DGM20 gaming mic is designed at the bottom of the microphone, while the knob of the DM30RGB gamign mic is designed in the middle of the microphone, and only the jack is designed at the bottom.

3. Noise cancellation

DGM20 is designed with a noise cancellation button on the top of the microphone. Although DM30RGB does not have a button designed for this function, this function can be achieved by connecting to a mobile phone\computer and using maonolink software. At the same time, other functions included in maonolink can be used on the DM30RGB microphone. More functions and details that can be implemented through the software can be viewed in maonolink.

4. Cantilever bracket compatible

Both microphones can be used with the B01 boom arm. DM30RGB only needs to remove the base and can be directly connected to the boom, but DGM20 needs to be connected using an adapter. However, this will be included in the DGM20 package. 


1. RGB Lighting

Both gaming microphones have RGB lighting, which can be integrated into any lighting setting and provides a variety of modes to choose from. This allows you to change modes at any time, giving you the ultimate sound quality experience while allowing you to truly immerse yourself in real gaming scenarios.

2. USB interface, plug and play

No additional audio interface or mixer is required, just plug it into your computer's USB port and it's easy to operate. Both DGM20 and DM20RGB microphones are small, lightweight and easy to carry, making them suitable for players to play games or voice chat in different locations.

3. High-quality recording performance

DGM20 and DM30RGB gaming USB microphones are both able to capture clear speech and environmental sound effects, providing a more realistic gaming experience. Both gaming microphones are equipped with highly sensitive microphone elements that capture subtle changes in sound and convert them into digital signals to ensure high-fidelity recordings. This means that they can capture the player's clear voice, while also accurately recording environmental sound effects, such as in-game background music, special effects sounds, etc.

    In order to more intuitively view the differences between the two gaming microphones, we created this comparison chart.


    Gamers, if you are looking for a stable and reliable stand to use with DGM20 and DM30RGB, then I would like to recommend the DGM20S and DM30RGB with boom arm to you.

    The set provides solid support to ensure your microphone is always in the ideal position, without vibration or movement causing a decrease in recording quality. You can also freely adjust the height, angle and direction of the microphone as needed to ensure you can find the recording position that suits you best and provide the best recording effect. Its simple and easy-to-use installation design allows you to get into the game faster and enjoy a richer gaming experience.