Hiring Specialist

We are Looking for a Hiring Specialist in North America & India & Southeast Asia, please kindly read the details below carefully and contact our Maono teams by EMAIL at the bottom according to the region & area.

Job Responsibilities: 

Familiar with the stock and distribution of external human resources, local employment rules, and habits, conduct an effective analysis, and provide suitable recruitment channels and high-quality resource recommendations.

Responsible for the publishing of recruitment information, content maintenance and updating, and information communication with recruitment channels/personnel.

Complete the specific implementation of all aspects of recruitment such as resume selection, telephone invitation, intention communication, situation tracking, and interview appointment.

Conduct background checks on the personnel to be hired, communicate with the personnel to be hired, and complete the recruitment notice.

Summarize the problems existing in the recruitment work weekly/monthly, put forward reasonable suggestions for optimizing the recruitment system and process, and complete the recruitment analysis report.

Track and collect trends of talents in the same industry, and attract talents to join the company.


More than one year of recruitment experience, familiar with HR experience is preferred.
Proficiency in computer office software operation, third-party recruitment data, cases, and service project package.
Familiar with the recruitment operation process, able to analyze, screen, and interview candidates, and finally select suitable candidates for the company.
Strong communication and coordination skills, meticulous and friendly work, seriousness and responsibility, and good professional ethics.

Email Contact: (click the email below and directly email to us)

cherry@maono.com (North America & Europe & South America),
joy@maono.com (Southeast Asia & India)

Email Request: CV(Name-Position Name-Country-Full/Part-time job)+Brief Introduction