5 Mistakes You Often Make When Recording Music Yourself

5 Mistakes You Often Make When Recording Music Yourself

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1. Cannot record full sound due to improper placement of the microphone

The distance between the microphone and the sound source affects the quality of the

recording and the quality of the sound. Sometimes the difference in the final effect caused by

the difference in distance of one inch is also very large. You should be bold to try and see

how the sounds recorded are the most full.

Pay attention to your settings and check your volume to avoid distortion. Once you start

recording, it is very difficult for you to restore some of the characteristics of this recording

next time. Now when recording a vocal, it is usually recorded at a distance closer to the

microphone, and a pop filter must be used.

2. Using an inappropriate microphone

Just like a musical instrument, different microphones have their own characteristics, which

can have different effects when used. You need years of experience to discover the rules and

find the right one. Unless you already have a very clear idea, you are still preparing two or

three different microphones for you to choose from. In many cases, you don't even need

expensive microphones - all you need is a suitable microphone.

lavalier microphone

3. No phase coherence is checked when using multiple microphones

In general, phase coherence may occur when you record two or more microphones at the

same distance at different distances. In this case, when your two microphones have the

same volume, the sound waves may cancel out, and finally the sound you get is very bad,

and we should avoid this.

4. Did not achieve a better signal to noise ratio

Check the signal from the microphone to the preamplifier and adjust the output of the

preamplifier to a low point (not too low), as the signal input to the DAW does not need to be

too high in 24-bit recording quality. In the DAW, let it barely reach the yellow area, and never

go to the red area. Feel free to adjust the output of the preamplifier; after all, the sound is not

so easy to be distorted.

5. Use low quality preamplifiers and wires

The microphone's preamplifier and cable are just as important as the microphone itself. You

can try using a poor quality wire and then buy a professional wire. Compare the performance

between them, you will find the difference is very obvious.




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