The Advantage Of Qualcomm Bluetooth Headset Reference Design

The Advantage Of Qualcomm Bluetooth Headset Reference Design

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During the period of 2019, Qualcomm brought a variety of headphones using its own QCC

and CSR Bluetooth chip solutions. These products include TWS headphones, neck-mounted

Bluetooth headsets, and head-mounted active noise-reduction Bluetooth headsets.


This time, Qualcomm not only brought products but also introduced Bluetooth headset

reference designs for major manufacturers, so that headset manufacturers can launch a

variety of wireless Bluetooth headsets faster and cheaper.

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Qualcomm in the Bluetooth headset reference design field, it has accumulated a large

number of related technologies and has many technical solutions in solving low power

consumption, connection stability, active noise reduction, and voice wakeup.


Among them,CSR8675, CSR8670, QCC3026, and other programs are widely used, and

many products also support Qualcomm aptX. HD high-definition audio transmission has

certain advantages in terms of sound quality and connection stability. With the Snapdragon

845 processor platform, the advantages between smartphones and headsets will be further




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