Video Editor

We are Looking for a Video Editor in North America & India & Southeast Asia, please kindly read the details below carefully and contact our Maono teams by EMAIL at the bottom according to the region & area.

Job Responsibilities:

●Mainly responsible for meeting the real video shooting needs of various platforms, based on the sales and market video requirements, conceive the basic video script framework, plan and optimize the content description with copywriting, improve post-production, and output high-quality video.

●Based on the work of the design department and the cooperation of the team, be responsible for the product performance and visual optimization of the video real shooting part of the design project of the key product team.

●According to the company's brand style and short video operation plan, cooperate with video account operation and e-commerce sales, regularly output short videos related to brand products to meet the needs of short videos inside and outside the station.

●According to the brand visual style, participate in the design team project, and output the brand visual content every month.


●Experience in video shooting and production is preferred, and those with more than 1 year of experience in cross-border e-commerce design are preferred.
●Proficiency in the use of shooting equipment and shooting skills, independent creativity, skilled operation of video post-production software and tools.
●Possess basic competitive product analysis capabilities, and optimize visual communication methods based on market research.
●Treat people with sincerity, can flexibly connect with the person in charge of the needs of various departments and maintain good communication, and have a strong sense of responsibility.
●Strong self-motivation, communication skills of empathy, and strong adaptability. 
●Have a good ability to resist pressure and a strong sense of responsibility, have a team spirit, a sense of team honor and disgrace, and a sense of brand identity; defend the brand reputation, and actively cooperate with the planning, adjustment and implementation of the company's strategy.

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