DM20 RGB gaming microphone

How to Pick an RGB Gaming Microphone ?

Like to play games? Want to have an RGB gaming microphone that best suits your needs? Then you've come to the right place!

The strong growth of the global online gaming market and gamers' increasing awareness of communication in their overall gaming experience has taken gamers' interest in gaming microphones to a new level. 

It offers users an ideal voice mode that captures the sound of what is being said in the best possible way. An excellent gaming usb microphone is a standalone accessory that captures your voice for in-game audio and can help your sound  become more clearly with other gamers while playing the game. When you choose an amazing gaming microphone with great sound quality, it will enhance your gaming experience.

DM20 Gaming RGB microphone

What is an RGB Gaming Microphone?

Nowadays, colored RGB lighting is all the rage. RGB lighting is a great way to give your gaming and streaming setup an edge. It is a technology whose use trends from inadequate accent lighting to PC gaming lights for various applications. Its mix of colors allows for millions of colors to be output from the LED, starting with three main colors, red, green, and blue. 

More and more gamers are creating cool ambiance in their rooms with rich hues and lighting schemes. This is also evident in the RGB lighting for microphones. The simple customizable RGB lighting can make your content creation more personalized.

How to Pick a RGB Microphone For Gaming?

However, not every microphone is of good quality, so it is very important to do research before you buy. To help you pick the best RGB gaming microphone for you, here are some factors you should consider when choosing it.

  • Pickup Patterns

When choosing a gaming microphone, the first thing you should look at is its pick-up pattern. Cardioid is the most common mode for live single-gamer games, reducing ambient noise interference by shielding sound from the sides and back of the microphone. Bi-directional mode picks up sound from the front and back of the microphone, making it ideal for co-op or matchmaking mode. Omni-directional mode picks up sound equally from all directions, perfect for picking up everyone's voice during online parties or tournaments.

  • Types

The type of microphone is also an aspect worth considering if you want to connect it to different devices. There are three basic types of gaming microphones: USB, XLR, and headset. Each type of microphone has unique interfaces that are suitable for different electronic devices. For PC gamers, it is very convenient to choose a plug&play USB microphone which is also usually adapted to some game consoles.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility is a very significant factor for gaming microphones, especially for some video games, e-sports, and other live gaming areas, which require microphones to make fast responses throughout the game. The requirement for the microphone lies in its good agility, the ability to pick up the human voice clearly, and perfect noise reduction.

  • Sound quality

The higher the sampling rate of the microphone, the better the vocal reproduction and sound quality clarity. When the audience is watching a gaming live show, if the gamer's voice sometimes sounds loud, sometimes sounds low, or even harsh, how can they watch life at ease? So it is a vital requirement for the stable and high-quality output of the microphone.

  • Function

When we use a gaming microphone, the key factor is definitely its function. This is mainly reflected in noise reduction. Excellent noise reduction allows gamers to communicate unaffected by ambient noise and to reproduce human voices clearly. In addition, the gain adjustment and zero-latency monitoring functions are also bonus points. The former allows users to adjust the gain according to the actual situation to make the voice sounds more comfortable; the latter allows users to monitor the recording in real time during game streaming and game commentary.

Here Comes some Maono RGB gaming microphone you might like to have a check

Maono DM20 RGB Gaming Microphone   

DM20 is an easy-to-use USB microphone that is designed for game enthusiasts. Based on a high sampling rate and adding ENC technology, which can bring a game voice-live experience for users. With its simplicity, portability, and versatility, the microphone allows gamers to immerse themselves in a virtual game scene, connecting the virtual and real world.

DM20 RGB Gaming Microphone Specifications

Element Type

Condenser microphone
Polar Pattern Cardioid



Bit Depth/Sample Rate:


Frequency Response


Monitoring Function ✔
Sensitivity -40±3dB
SNR 1kHz>70dB
 Compatible Devices Desktop/Laptop/Computer/PS4/PS5/MAC OS/WINDOWS
Noise Deduction ✔
RGB Light Mode 9 Kinds of Modes
Recommended Uses For Product Podcasting, Recording, Streaming, Gaming, Video Conference


The Sense of Gaming Experience

For gamers, a good microphone means clearer communication and better results for team games. For streamers, when you choose to appear in front of the camera, the exquisite equipment and the atmosphere of the screen will have a great impact on live streaming. As a high-performance and stylish USB microphone, Maono DM20 is very suitable for these two groups.

DM20 is with stunning dynamic multi-color gradients and dynamic solid-color gradient effects. Its customizable style will make your gaming video or live streaming more attractive to viewers. And you can adjust the RGB ambient light at any time to change the ambiance of your live environment and create your own unique style.

This microphone not only has a rich switchability of lights but also can fit well with the user's desktop lighting atmosphere to create a better visual experience. No gamer would not like the pleasant feeling of RGB lighting, as well as the visual beauty, and the ambiance creates more immersion during gaming.

Excellent Sound Quality

Since DM20 has a high-sensitivity cardioid pickup, it can bring you a real sense of experience in game conversations and let you enjoy the immersive feeling. The one-tap noise reduction function that utilizes ENC tech, anti-plosive, and stereo capabilities for crisp and accurate sound reproduction.

The higher sampling rate also makes the effect of picking up human voices during gaming outstandingly, enabling gamers to work better together in team battles and to communicate clearly and smoothly. The touch buttons on the top can also achieve two functions: one-touch noise reduction and mute.

Meanwhile, in terms of sound quality, thanks to its shock mount and the pop filter, the noise control is excellent, and the vibration sound of colliding with the desktop and mic noise when speaking can be greatly reduced.

Practical Functions

To save you time, Maono DM20 offers plug-and-play design and all-in-one construction. When you open the package, you can use it immediately. It also offers a variety of sound control options, with a built-in gain knob at the bottom and an easy-to-access mute touch button at the top. This microphone is of smooth design, giving it a sophisticated overall feeling. The size is also compact, and suitable for placing on the desk for gaming and live streaming. Besides, it also has the function of zero-latency monitoring with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Usage Scenarios

1.Gaming voice chat

It not only has clear sound quality but also picks up the voice while minimizing background noise.

2.Game streaming and game commentary

Even a novice can get started with this microphone easily. Its fashionable RGB lighting and good looks will highlight the identity of streamers and commentators and attract more viewers.

A good RGB gaming microphone can greatly improve your gaming experience and enhance the streaming atmosphere, so it is vital to choose a RGB microphone that is right for you.

May some users are curious about what are the differences between DM20 and DM30 rgb gaming microphone, you can check more comparision by reading the article of DM20 USB gaming microphone introduction. Why not pick up one for yourself at only $32.99 only.

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