PD200X IF&Reddot Reward

Maono Audio Microphones Win IF and Reddot Design Award 2023

Maono is the best-selling internet microphone brand that provides different kinds of audio solutions for users, offering products that are stylish and dedicated. And this year Maono revealed several products such as PD200X, and DM30 microphone, which walked away with a total of two Innovation Design IF and Reddot Awards 2023, especially the DM30 USB microphone that catches the CES reward as well. Now follow us to get more inspiring information.

What is IF Design Award and Reddot Design Award?

The iF DESIGN AWARD remains a globally recognized mark of design excellence in the field of design. Internationally renowned brand iF design is an important symbol of outstanding design achievements; this important international design award recognizes design achievements in all fields every year, including: product design, packaging design, communication design and service design, architecture and interior design, professional Concept, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI).

 And the Red Dot Award originated in Germany. It is an industrial design award with the same reputation as the IF Design Award, and it is the largest and most influential competition in the world's well-known design competitions. Together with the German "IF Award" and the American "IDEA Award", the Red Dot Award is known as the world's three major design awards.

 The IF and The red dot is a hallmark of outstanding design quality. All winning design concepts are judged by an international jury of design experts. Also, with the concept of "design that promotes harmony between the environment and human beings", the Red Dot Award is committed to transforming award-winning design concepts into products, and building a bridge between award-winning ideas and commercial cooperation.

Why Can Maono Audio Products Stand Out and Win the Reward?

First of all, Maono owns a professional international award-winning team that is committed to product and technology innovation, like our Maonocaster AM100, PD400X, PM500, and other excellent audio products. this year the DM30,PD200X, AME3, DM90 product also stand out from many products in the market.

Secondly, Maono always values the opinions of real users and Maono’s trusted influencers, believing that their constructive opinions will help Maono to perfect products and deliver a pleasant audio experience to users.

‚ÄúWe are committed to making the world's best microphones and audio products. We believe that the feedback from Maono users is valuable and beneficial for our mission,‚ÄĚ said Wilson, Maono product team director.

The awards are a powerful stamp of Maono’s bold innovation, both in design and function development. With their comprehensive functions and award-winning looking, Maono DM30 and PD200X brings innovative experience to content creators and add an aesthetic gadget to their setup.

Maono Audio Internet Microphone Awards Details

Maono DM30RGB, inspired by awards winner DM30, is a good example of Maono’s user-centered values. The appearance and function of DM30 and DM30RGB are the same, both of them with RGB lighting functions, Real One Click Mute & Microphone Gain Control Adjustable, as well as compatibility with Maono link software. DM30 also allows you to really monitor the microphone's volume. the only main difference is the display of lighting effects.

DM30 IF & reddot reward

Some Maono users in our group also mentioned that they would like the entire microphone head of DM30 to own the whole RGB lighting effects, Based on all true feedback, we added an RGB lighting function and perfected the design on the basis of the Maono DM30 and named the upgraded version Maono DM30RGB. The upgraded Maono DM30RGB microphone received high praise from users due to its wide applications, ease of use, and nice looking since its release.

DM30 is an entry-level model for live broadcasting, and thanks to its plug-and-play design, allows users to get started right away. Operation is simple and intuitive. Operation is simple and intuitive. With its metal housing, the device exudes an attractive, high-quality look, with the RGB lighting on the bottom adding an accent to the otherwise understated appearance.

Let's Check What Others Think About the DM30 Microphone?

Last year, the DM30 won a CES Innovation Award in the 2023 Live Streaming and Computer Peripherals and Accessories categories. This year in 2023, DM30 won the two international of IF Design Award and Reddot Design Award, once again achieved great results in its outstanding design.

May some users probably don't have any clue about the design history of DM30, DM30‚Äôs original nickname is M3, which was named by our R&D teams while in its first design. ‚ÄúThe M3 (DM30) is beautifully crafted down to the smallest detail,‚ÄĚ said the jury from Reddot. ‚ÄúMoreover, we like its simple yet interesting form.‚ÄĚ

After that, suggestions are collected from our loyal customers and influencers, we upgrade it to be compatible with the Maono Link software, and make users available for more function adjustment. thus DM30 and DM30RGB microphone.

  • PD200X USB/XLR Podcasting & Gaming Microphone

You can also find some Maono dynamic microphones that are ideal for content creation. Maono PD200X XLR/USB is one of those dynamic microphones. It is inspired by another Maono winner of the IF Design Award 2023, the Reddot Award 2023, and the Gold Pin Design Award 2023.

PD200X IF & reddot reward

This is a highly recommended microphone that can switch between podcasting and gaming modes at the same time. And same as the DM30 microphone, the original name of PD200X is M5, as the jury from the Reddot said: ‚ÄúThe design of the M5 (PD200X) has been reduced to focus on the essentials and create a simple yet distinctive silhouette,‚ÄĚ

The minimalist form draws the eye to the knob as the central control element, which is used to adjust both the gain level and the headphone volume. It is a USB-C interface microphone that covers a wide range of application scenarios. It is aimed at podcasters, as well as content creators who live-stream, and other users looking for flexible setups.

In addition to the previous award-winning design, we added an XLR output in the bottom and a narrow RGB ring in the middle of PD200X based on marketing research. These optimizations of design and additions of functions make PD200X a multifunctional dynamic microphone that suits most users’ needs.

In an easy-to-use design, PD200X effectively integrates recording, monitoring, and audio adjustment. Whether you are a podcaster or a streamer, you will find audio recording easy with the help of PD200X, a dynamic microphone with XLR and USB outputs.

Let's Check What Others Think About PD200X?

The price of DM30 is around $49.99 which is suitable for most beginners. and the PD200X is about $79.99 based on its' XLR and USB outputs design with dynamic capsule, and the quality would much better than the DM30 microphone. These two microphones are very worth trying, and the price is also very reasonable no matter whether you are using them in games or podcasts, the sound experience and functions are performed excellently.

Maono teams feel very honored and we are grateful to the IF and Reddot organizing committees for their affirmation of Maono audio products. The Maono team will continue to work hard to create more unique products for users as our vision said: " making the world's best microphone and audio products, Maono shall continue to work hard and never give up." 

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