Podcasting and Streaming Just Get a Whole Lot Simpler With the Maonocaster E2 Audio Interface

Podcasting and Streaming Just Get a Whole Lot Simpler With the Maonocaster E2 Audio Interface

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A good interface or audio mixer is indispensable if you’re doing live streaming, producing podcasts, or for any audio broadcast. With podcasting and streaming at an all-time high, it's still startling to read the stats. In 2021, 48 million episodes were broadcast over 2 million shows. To get a sense of how fast this platform is growing, think back to 2018 when there were just 525,000 shows – but 18.5 million episodes.

Designed for Podcasting and Live Streaming

A new release into the market – the Maonocaster E2 audio interface, covers both these podcasting bases as an all-in-one audio mixer and interface. It just becomes a lot easier to deliver content – and stand out, without switching between machines and wracking your brain for sound effects for your next podcast. A lot of the streaming stresses also are now taken care of. To some extent, gamers, content creators, and wannabees on Apple Podcast, YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, and many similar platforms, this podcast production studio will also be useful.

Interfaces and Controls

The big dials situated on top of the Maonocaster E2 podcast studio make it effortless to adjust the AUX and E2 audio volumes at the same time. It also has two faders to adjust mic volumes seamlessly. Offering 3 output interfaces, it gives you streaming flexibility – with two interfaces for smartphones, and one for a computer.

Besides inputting background music, you can add custom sound effects via 11 sound pads and turn on the preset reverb effects. Import audio via Bluetooth, microphones, or AUX-in, and record it to Maonocaster E2 via the custom sound pads. Three sound pads have one minute of recording capacity, while the remaining eight can do 20-second sound bites at a time. Pressing the Reverb button lets you switch from the six preset reverberate effects.

Sound Effects

Besides the 11 sound pads, there are other sound effects like Loopback, Music Only, Dry/Wet, Side Chain, etc. Loopback is especially useful for recording video game audio for a podcast. The Music Only feature deconstructs audio, stripping only words from a music recording. Side Chain turns the music element down, letting your voice shine through on the podcast - without losing the melody.

Battery Life and Other Features

Maonocaster E2 has a built-in battery that lasts up to 7.5h-9.5h. You can charge E2 while using it. 

Loaded with useful features, the Maonocaster E2 also factors in 12-step auto-tune, reverb adjustment, and loop playing audio effects.


The Maonocaster E2 audio interface can meet your requirements to improve the quality of your podcasting or streaming. Whether you operate on iOS, Android, or computers, the device serves your needs. Besides, 11 custom sound pads give your streaming full of your unique style. Making the hard work of content creation easy, the Maonocaster E2 gives you time to focus on content creation.

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