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14 Things to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Microphone

Using a good gaming microphone is important for both gaming and live streaming. A survey from 2020 shows that 100% of Steam gamers use a microphone while playing. Why is it necessary to invest in a high-quality microphone?

A good gaming microphone enhances communication with team players and increases audience engagement. It builds a brand reputation and gives the impression of professionalism in your gaming and live streaming career. However, if you're just a beginner, there are several factors you need to consider before buying one. You might be thinking: "What is the best budget microphone for gaming?" Is it practical to choose a USB gaming microphone?

By reading this article, you will find the answers to these questions. This guide will help you understand the essential features and functions to check when purchasing a gaming microphone.

Functions to Look for When Buying a Gaming Microphone 

Ensure that the microphone you choose meets the basic functional requirements:

  • Compatibility

✅ Check the microphone's compatibility with your gaming equipment--whether you're using a PC, console, etc. This is crucial for a smooth gaming experience.

  • Connectivity

✅ Consider the microphone's connectivity options--USB gaming microphones are the easiest to use and set up especially when you're streaming via computer, while XLR connectivity is what you're going to look for in a mic connecting to an audio interface or an audio mixer. 

  • Sound Quality

✅ Choose a microphone that produces a high-quality sound that's crisp and crystal clear and minimizes distortion. Gaming microphones are designed for gamers to produce better sound quality.

  • Frequency Response

✅ Frequency response is an important factor to consider when buying a microphone. A larger range indicates that the microphone can record high and low frequencies successfully. To ensure the microphone can withstand a range of sound levels without clipping or losing detail, you must assess its sensitivity and dynamic range.

Features to Look for:

  • Mute Button

Select a microphone that has a mute button. It's a simple yet very important feature.

✅ Purpose: Instantly mute the microphone to prevent unwanted sounds from being transmitted during gaming or streaming.

✅ Benefit: It provides quick and easy control, especially useful during live gaming sessions

  • Noise Cancellation

Select a microphone that has a noise-canceling feature.

✅ Purpose: It reduces background noise to ensure clearer voice capture.

✅ Benefit: It enhances audio clarity by filtering out ambient sounds, making it ideal for noisy environments.

  • Volume Control

Select a microphone that has a volume control feature.

✅ Purpose: Volume control adjusts the microphone's output volume directly on the device.

✅ Benefit: Volume control lets you quickly adjust the sound levels directly on the microphone without having to open any software.

  • Gain Control

Select a microphone that offers mic gain.

✅ Purpose: Gain control adjusts the microphone’s sensitivity to more effectively capture louder or softer sounds.

✅ Benefit: It aids in managing sound levels and avoids distortion from loud noises or improves pickup of softer voices.

  • Headphone Jack with Monitoring

Select a microphone that has a headphone jack with a monitoring feature.

✅ Purpose: A headphone jack with monitoring allows you to hear your voice in real-time with zero latency.

✅ Benefit: This feature ensures you can hear exactly how you sound, which helps in making real-time adjustments and improving audio quality.

  • RGB Lighting

Select a microphone that has an aesthetic RGS lighting effect.

✅ Purpose: Aside from beautifying your game setup, RGB lighting provides visual cues for mute status, power status, or clipping alerts.

✅ Benefit: It gives you quick status updates, making it easier to control the microphone while using it.

Advanced Features:

  • Multiple Polar Patterns

Select a microphone that offers multiple polar patterns.

✅ Purpose: Without needing to use multiple mics, high-quality gaming microphones support multiple polar patterns which allow users to switch between cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional, and stereo modes.

✅ Benefit: This feature offers versatility for different recording situations, such as solo use (cardioid), group chats (omnidirectional), or interviews (bidirectional).

  • Built-in Pop Filter

Select a microphone that has a built-in pop filter.

✅ Purpose: A pop filter reduces plosive sounds caused by bursts of air hitting the microphone.

✅ Benefit: It improves sound quality by minimizing harsh "p" and "b" sounds.

Select a microphone that has a shock mount.

✅ Purpose: A shock mount keeps the microphone from picking up vibrations and noises when you move it. 

✅ Benefit: It prevents unwanted noise from movements or desk vibrations from being picked up. This is perfect for gamers who often adjust their game setup for a dynamic play style.

  • Software Integration

Select a microphone that's capable of software integration.

✅ Purpose: A good gaming microphone usually has special software that lets you change and control lots of settings.

✅ Benefit: Software integration enables fine-tuning of audio settings, application of effects, and profile management for different scenarios.

Practical Considerations:

  • Mounting Options

Select a microphone with mounting options available.

✅ Purpose: These options for desktop stands, boom arms, or shock mounts enhance audio quality and provide comfort and flexibility during live gaming sessions.

✅ Benefit: It lets you put the microphone where you want and keeps it steady, which makes it easier to use and blocks out unwanted sounds.

  • Build Quality

Select a microphone made with high-quality and durable materials.

✅ Purpose: The way a microphone is made shows how strong and reliable it is.

✅ Benefit: Build quality ensures durability and reliability, especially with frequent use.

  • Portability

Select a microphone that's easy to carry and set up in different locations. 

✅ Purpose: Lightweight and compact microphones are ideal for on-the-go game streaming. 

✅ Benefit: Portable microphones offer convenience for gamers who travel or participate in LAN events.

Microphone Recommendations:

The best budget microphones for gaming can range from $49 to $84. When thinking about which USB gaming microphone to get, The PD200XS is priced at $84.99, while the DM30RGB is priced at $49.99, and they are both excellent choices. 

The PD200XS gaming microphone offers great sound quality, versatile functionality, and durability. It can pick up sound differently and is strong enough to be used for many gaming and streaming activities. It comes with a boom arm and it's USB/XLR cable-ready.

maono pd200xs gaming mic

On the other hand, the DM30RGB features stylish lighting, effective noise cancellation, and immediate monitoring, making it ideal for gamers seeking both practical features and aesthetic appeal. Hence, it's perfect for gamers who want useful features and a cool look. 


Choosing the right microphone can greatly enhance your overall gaming and streaming experience. Investing in a good gaming microphone enhances your brand and shows professionalism in your gaming and streaming endeavors.