Maono Affiliate Rules & User Procedures Explanation

Maono Affiliate Rules & User Procedures Explanation

Affiliate Rules Explanation:

  1. Users who place an order through the affiliate partner link can get a 10% discount, and the affiliate can get a 5% commission.
  2. There’s no time limited, once your followers place the order anytime you will receive the commission.
  3. Normally Maono will check the order of the previous month and settle the commission of the previous month on the 25th of each month.

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How to process?

Step 1: Users must register for the Maono affliate program through the following link, after finish the registration, users must fill in the user's social media account information and paypal payment information, so that we can send you the commission every month.

Register URL:

Note: Basically Maono will review your information within 1-3 days.

affiliate program01

Sept2: After the registration is completed, you will enter a interface as follows, you can enable your followers to get the 10% discount through the three ways as follows(Use any of the method will be good, but we suggest users to use the method 3 to share specific product directly):

Ⅰ. You can add your discount code below your post and ask the users to enter the code when placing the order directly.

Ⅱ. Directly click the copy shareable link to get the share link, and users can get 10% off as long as they purchase products through the link. then when your followers placing the order, the 10% discount code will automatically add to their orders.

affiliate program02


Ⅲ. If you want to recommend a specific product to your followers, you can select a specific product in the marketing tools to get a share link. Similarly, your followers can get a 10% discount by placing an order through the link.

affiliate program03

affiliate program

Step3: You can know how much commission you have earned through the payments directly.

affiliate program05

Now don't hesitate to start register and earn yourself more 5% commission direct here: