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How to Correctly Pair the Sound Card Bluetooth with the Device?

The pairing fails when using the mobile phone and the Bluetooth receiver for the first time? Take the MAONO AME2 sound card as an example

1. The pairing fails when using the mobile phone and the Bluetooth receiver for the first time?

In this case, please confirm that the Bluetooth receiving end is turned on, and the Bluetooth name matched by the mobile phone is the Bluetooth device.

For example, when Maonocaster E2 is turned on, the Bluetooth button will light up and the Bluetooth icon will flash continuously. Get close to the distance between your audio interface and your mobile phone. Turn on the Bluetooth on the mobile terminal to find the Maonocaster E2 device. After the connection is successful, the Bluetooth icon will always be on to confirm the connection is successful.

maono ame2 audio interface

2. After the pairing is successful, the pairing is canceled and the connection cannot be made again

Reason: This is that after unpairing, the Bluetooth device name will appear on the searchable bar of the mobile phone, but it is only a cache record, and it will disappear after refreshing. If you click on the pairing device, you will not be able to connect, even if you turn off the Bluetooth of your mobile phone and turn it on again, you will not be able to connect to this device.

Solution: Restart the audio interface, and then restart the Bluetooth of the mobile phone again, and reconnecting can solve your problem.

maonocaster ame2 audio interface


3. After the mobile phone is successfully matched, can’t be searched or bluetooth can’t be connected after changing other devices?

Reason:This is because after the audio interface is turned on, Bluetooth will automatically connect to the device that was successfully paired last time by default, so other devices cannot be connected to Bluetooth.

Solution: Cancel the last paired and connected mobile phone, and turn off the Bluetooth function. After that, the new mobile phone/device can be connected to Bluetooth.

If the bluetooth icon of your unpaired audio interface does not flash, it means that your bluetooth is connected by other people near you. Please leave the existing environment and connect again to succeed.

4. Usually the matching is normal, but it suddenly fails to connect?

Reason:This kind of situation often occurs on iPhone and iPad, and the reason may be that the previous matching information becomes invalid after the Bluetooth receiver is set.

Solution: Click the "!" sign behind the device on the iPhone/iPad, select "Forget this device", and re-search the nearby Bluetooth to match.

maono ame2 audio interface bluetooth connection

5. Bluetooth transmission audio is unstable, or there is an interfering current sound

Please stay away from your nearby WiFi (such as a router), or nearby devices that can emit signals, which may affect the normal audio transmission of Bluetooth

6. The computer fails to connect to Bluetooth, how to solve it

Please click Bluetooth and other devices settings, add devices, and connect to Bluetooth again.

maono ame2 audio interface bluetooth connection