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Maono Internet Microphone Brand Shows up on NAMM & NAB Exhibition 2023

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Are you excited to check out Maono's big events at the exhibition in April? we are so thrilled to meet our loyal users and met the famous Youtuber at the exhibition.  So many users at the exhibition try out Maono's PD400X podcasting equipment bundle and say that they really enjoy and love the clean and natural-sounding voice that comes from the PD400X USB/XLR dynamic podcasting microphone, why not follow us and let's check more big things details here.

HongKong Tradeshow 2023

From April 11th to 14th, Maono participated in the Global Sources April 2023 Hong Kong Show. The exhibition featured a range of new products, including the Maono PM482, Maono up coming multifunctional USB microphone DM90 for gamers, and upgraded audio interface Maono AMC2, as well as classic award winners like the Maonocaster AME2 audio interface and Maono DM30 USB microphone.

According to Luke, a visitor to the exhibition, Maono's products are widely used within young people’s content community. Whether in the gaming or podcasting field, Maono offers great audio solutions. Luke was impressed by the range of new products showcased at the exhibition. He also noted that classic award winners like the Maonocaster AME2 audio interface and Maono DM30 USB gaming microphone were on display. Luke believes that these products demonstrate Maono's commitment to providing high-quality audio equipment for content creators.

Maono hongkong exhibition

NAMM Show 2023

The NAMM Show is a popular event in the music industry and is known for its exciting product demonstrations, live performances, and networking opportunities. From April 13th to 15th, Maono took part in the NAMM shows 2023 in Anaheim, California, US.

It's no secret that the gaming and podcasting industries have been thriving in recent years. According to a report by Newzoo, the global games market is expected to reach $218.7 billion by 2024. Additionally, the podcasting industry has also seen significant growth.

This growth has led to an increased demand for high-quality audio equipment, such as the products offered by Maono, to help content creators stand out in these competitive industries.

maono NAMM exhibition

Exhibition participant Tom said: "The sound quality of these microphones is clear and clean, and the potential of the hardware can be fully utilized through the maono link software." A dozen other audio enthusiasts on the scene also made similar comments.

In NAMM, Maono exhibited Maono PD200X, PD400X Dynamic podcasting microphone, DM series including DM30RGB, DM70, DM90 Gaming Microphone, Maonocaster AME2, new product Maonocaster AME3, etc. Audio interfaces like the Maonocaster AME2 provide clear and professional-grade audio recordings for podcasters and gamers, which is essential for any podcast or gaming content.

And they provide a way to input multiple microphones and other devices, which is important for group podcasts or gaming sessions. Visitors enjoyed trying Maono’s classic Maonocaster AME2 and the new Maonocaster AME3, and they love the performance and conveniences the products pack.

At the NAMM exhibition, we met many friends and they are quite excited to try out the PD200X and BA90 podcasting equipment bundle and say the sound quality is amazing and fabulous. 

Maono NAMM exhibition

And our collaborator Tobias Holenstein also shows up on NAMM and used to test our AME2 products before and said that he is always satisfied with the Maono product quality. your co-founder Alex was so glad to hear that and also discussed with him about more products that will be coming up soon and looks forward to collaborating with him with the more new up coming products.

NAB Show 2023

Maono also exhibited at the NAB show in Las Vegas, US, from April 16th to 19th. Products such as Maono PD200X XLR/USB Dynamic Microphone, PD400X Dynamic Microphone, Maono DM30RGB, DM70, and DM90 can be found in this show. Maono has always been committed to providing high-quality audio equipment for content creators, and this exhibition is a testament to its dedication.

Maono audio exhibition

While at NAB shows, The Senior Editor (James) from Poc Network//Tech mentioned that they stopped by and spoke with the Maono team at NAB yesterday to get a better understanding of the audio system, and pointed out Maonocast E2 is an interesting interface with auto-tune, multiple inputs, a customizable touchpad, and more. What's more, James did give the thumbs up for the Maono team to run a hands-on/review of that interface and that would make it through the studio on camera. 

The three exhibitions in 2023 benefit Maono a lot  exactly. Not only did we get closer to users and collaborators, but also let us learn more about the ideas and needs of users so that we can better optimize and design microphones for podcasters, gamers, recorders, and singers.  Maono is so thrilled to hear the recognition and love of many users for Maono's audio products and services, which also gives us confidence in creating more products in the near future.

Maono, a Global Best-Selling Microphone Brand. Maono [ˈmɑnoʊ], which stands for 'Vision' in Swahili, believes that vision drives technology. Maono focuses on audio product innovation, especially for the fast-growing young generation who enjoy podcasting and sharing their moments. Maono is committed to becoming a global leading brand of internet audio products that deliver pleasant sound experiences.