PD400X, PD100, and PD100U Dynamic Microphone Comparison and Selection

PD400X, PD100, and PD100U Dynamic Microphone Comparison and Selection

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Maono PD400X, PD100, and PD100U are three of Maono’s dynamic microphones that are released on August this year. The three microphones are designed to help content creators to beat audio challenges and get a high-quality clear recording for usage applications like gaming, podcasting, live streaming and studio recording. They features different functions and highlights to satisfy different users. Whether you are in need of a microphone right now or in near feature, there is a reason for you to find out the excellence of the three microphones.

We learn that you might have confusion about what are the differences among them and In this article, we'll list overview and differences of Maono PD400X, PD100, and PD100U microphone. you will know how to select your most appropriate microphone.

1.Maono PD400X Cardioid Dynamic XLR/USB Microphone

Maono PD400X is the flagship XLR/USB dynamic microphone of Maono’s PD(Podcast Dynamic) series microphones. It is also the best dynamic microphone for podcasting, To deliver a ultimate recording experience to users, Maono packed its latest and greatest innovation on hardware as well as software to Maono PD400X Dynamic Microphone. Materials utilized to craft the microphone are expensive and durable, ensuring a long lifespan of the microphone while offering a classic looking for users’ content creation setup.

Maono PD400X provides USB/XLR connectivities, which allows you to hook it up with smart phones, tablets, computers as well as audio interfaces. The microphone can fit 3/8-inch and 5/8-inch threaded podcasting setups.

As a dynamic microphone with tight cardioid polar pattern, Maono PD400 podcaster mic will focus on your voice while rejecting noises of loud hums of computer, air conditioner, and other ambient nonsense.

There is a 3-in-1 knob offering mic gain, headphone volume, monitor mix functions. Tapping the knob will easily mute microphone. The companion software Maono Link adds more capacity to Maono PD400X, allowing you to fine tune your vocal easily and show fantastic custom recording to audience. There are many advanced features to fully unlock the hardware potential of Maono PD400X. Such as EQ options, limiter, and compressor to satisfy a specific need. To find out more details about the Maono Link Software, you can read our previous blog about it: Maono Link Brings Advanced Audio Processing Features to PD400X

PD400X USB/XLR Dynamic microphone

2.Maono PD100 Cardioid Dynamic XLR Microphone

Maono PD100 is an best budget XLR microphone.You can use it for gaming and podcasting. To ensure you get a crystal clear recording, Maono PD100 adopt cardioid polar pattern and dynamic capsule. Even when you are gaming or podcasting at a room without acoustic treatment, the microphone is capable of recording clear audio, with no electric hiss, no background talking, and no keyboard clicking, which are more or less a trouble when you are using some condenser microphone. The PD100 microphone also includes detachable all-metal desktop stand to connect with a boom arm or place on desk.

PD100 XLR Microphone


3.Maono PD100U  Cardioid Dynamic USB Microphone

Except Maono PD100, Maono also released a USB dynamic microphone Maono PD100U. You can connect microphone to computers via the its USB-C port. It offers 0-28dB gain range, allowing you to adjust microphone gain according to your real needs.The Maono PD100 and PD100U dynamic microphones are the only sub-$50 podcast microphones in the market.

PD100U USB Microphone

Which microphone should I pick?

All of the three dynamic microphones can help you to boost recording quality at home or professional-level studio. However, you don't need buy three microphones at one time. We advise you to think about what is you primary purpose before you make a purchase. To help you decide which microphone is the right one for you, we list some of microphones’ highlights and our suggestions.

1.Maono PD400X Dynamic XLR/USB Microphone (Price : $169.99

  • Maono PD400X combines a complete collections of functions required for professional-level recording.
  • XLR/USB outputs allow it to be used on computers, and traditional audio interfaces like Maonocaster AME2.
  • 3-in-1 multi-functional knob.
(2)Suitable for whom?
Maono PD400X XLR/USB dynamic microphone is suitable for creators who want to have pro-grade audio. With the easy-to-use Maono Link software and the premium microphone hardware, you can have the best audio recording quality and bring your recording to next level.
You can also elevate your gaming or podcasting setup by using perfect Maono accessories such as Maono BA90 boom arm, Maonocaster AME2 audio interface, etc.

2.Maono PD100 Dynamic XLR Microphone ( Price : $39.99 

  • Maono PD100 is a great XLR microphone with a tight cardioid polar pattern.
  • It ensures you to have a clear audio while you are playing gaming or live streaming.
  • It is reasonably priced.
(2)Suitable for whom?
The XLR microphone is ideal for recording podcasts and streaming. It requires you to use an audio interface for connecting the microphone via its 3-PIN XLR connector. If you are a gamer, streamer, or podcaster who prefers XLR microphones, you can try the microphone.

3.Maono PD100U Dynamic USB Microphone(Price: $49.99 

  • A simple USB microphone for easy desktop setup.
  • USB-C connector.
  • Dynamic capsule and tight cardioid pattern for clear audio.
  • 0-28dB gain range.
(2)Suitable for whom?
Maono PD100U is a go-to option for anyone who want a crystal clean recording without knowing complex audio engineering knowledge. If you are a streamer, podcaster, work-from-home worker, this is the right USB microphone for you. The flexibility it offers allows you to take it anywhere, whether at your home, or a workplace. While, it lacks of some functions like monitoring, mute, etc. But for $49.9, this USB dynamic microphone still worth a try.

After learning the features and highlights of the three microphones, now you may know which microphone is the correct one for you. leave us a message is you have any question. now don't hesitate to grab one and have a try.