Update on Maonocaster Manufacturing Preparation Progress

Update on Maonocaster Manufacturing Preparation Progress

Dear all,

You guys are incredible! It’s amazing that how far we have reached, and we seek to go farther with our amazing friends getting behind us! Thank you all for always supporting us! Meanwhile, the time has come for us to update the progress of preparation for bringing Maonocaster to life.

Lately, we’ve been making advance preparation for parts, and mass production is expected to be well underway. We know very well that seeing is better than hearing, so we took some photos of the components for you to explore how your Maonocaster is like before it is born.

Next, we strive to ship your caster as early as possible after the campaign ends, as we can’t wait to know how it can make a different in your podcast. Also, we will keep you in the loop on the progress of production and shipment as well. Before then, feel free to drop a comment if you have any suggestion or question.




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Distributor/Retail Business

Maono welcomes global distributors/retail to join us. And we will continue to share the awesome products and great marketing service as always. Please contact alex.lu@maono.com if you are interested.

We are also welcome content creators and brand ambassadors for the Maono brand. Please contact marketing@maono.com if you love audio products.