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• Please check if the podcast console has power, please charge it, and then turn it on.

• You need to long-press the " " for more than three seconds to turn it on.

• Please check whether the external audio source is connected to the 'Music Input' interface of the podcast console.

• Please check whether the 'Music' volume control knob on the right is turned on.

• Please check the volume of the accompaniment device.

• Turn on LOOP BACK

• Please check whether the headphone cable is inserted into the correct interface. It should be inserted into the "headset" or "Output" interface.

• Please check whether is the "Monitor" of the sound card upwards. You can gradually increase the volume by sliding it up.

• Plug headphones into OUTPUT or HEADSET jack

• Please check whether the microphone is correctly connected to the microphone interface. If not, please try again.

• Please check whether the microphone knob on the left is turned on. Turn the knob clockwise to increase the microphone volume slowly.

• Please check whether is the "monitor fader" of the sound card upwards. You can gradually increase the volume by pushing it up.

• Please confirm with your microphone dealer whether your microphone can be used with this podcast console, or consult us for the recommended microphone model.

• Please check whether the "recording" knob on the podcast console is turned on, and rotate the "recording

• knob" clockwise to slowly increase the volume of the live broadcast.

• Please check whether the podcast console "MAONO AU-AM200" has been set as the default playback and recording device of the live broadcast software. If not, please set refer to the " Live Streaming on the Computer " part.

Turn off or turn down ECHO effect

It doesn't work on a voice call, it works on podcast or live streaming

Please keep 2 inches away from your mouth to the microphone

We don't provide an extra OTG adapter, you should connect your phone with the microphone through the OTG adapter which is included in your iPhone package

This audio interface just can only be used with a microphone which comes with a 3.5mm plug

It should be connected with a 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter, then to guitar

Please turn down all the volume temporarily

• Please use line 1 to connect the USB-C port of the Audio interface, and use line 2 to connect to the computer. (Note: Do not fold the wire during use to avoid damage.)

• Please check the computer's sound settings after the connection is complete. Both the input and output are' MAONO AU-AM200 '(right-click the speaker on the right side of the desktop to open the sound settings)

• When you need to record the computer accompaniment sound, please turn on the loopback function.

For the smartphone used for podcast/ Streaming, please insert THE POD1/2/3 interface; for the smartphone used for playing accompaniment, please insert the Music Input jack. In addition, you can also play accompaniment Music through the Bluetooth connection of the smartphone.

OPENING is the volume down key, and LAUGHTER is the volume up key.

You need to press the light button on the side of the sound card 6 times, and the light of each button will slowly diminish to disappear.

which cannot be input and output simultaneously. (The Bluetooth is only for wireless accompaniment playback)

You need to turn up the REC knob above the audio mixer to output the sound.

We are working on an upgraded version that can turn off the monitoring function, so stay tuned

Recording: Turn the product on, connect it with either one microphone, external audio input device, Bluetooth device. Turn on the"LOOPBACK" mode. Hold any custom key until the button light flashes to start recording. The audio input will be recorded and saved. Release the button to end the recording.

Note: If you do not release your hand during recording, the recording will stop automatically when there is not enough space, and the light will automatically turn off.


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