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Choosing Your PC Setup with A Gaming Microphone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Whether it's a novice or a master of the game, who wants to get a superb gaming experience can not be complete without a set of handy equipment. How to pick suitable PC setup with a gaming microphone to enhance your gaming experience? Here are a few essential things that you need for a perfect gaming setup.

Step 1: Choose a powerful gaming computer

Desktop computers with fast processors, dedicated graphics cards, lots of memory and solid-state storage should be a good choice. Every gaming PC must have a NVIDIA or AMD graphics card with at least 6GB of memory that helps deliver a smoother frame rate and less graphical lag. And for memory, at least 16GB of RAM is more recommended.

Step 2: Select a high resolution monitor

Graphics are everything when it comes to the best gaming visuals, which is why investing in a monitor with at least Full HD 1080p resolution is pretty much essential. Especially for gamer playing at high resolutions, even better is a monitor with a fast refresh rate of 120Hz or higher for smooth graphic. For serious gaming, a 4K or QHD monitor would be a good choice. Ace's Predator XB273K 27" monitor checks all the boxes: crystal-clear 4K resolution, 144Hz response rate, built-in HDR, G-SYNC compatibility, an IPS panel, and a competitive price point.


Step 3: Invest in a gaming microphone for chatting with friends

While many gaming headsets have built-in microphones, dedicated gaming microphones can provide better voice capture for a more immersive gaming experience. For an even better setup, consider a streaming microphone setup seamlessly integrated into your gaming system. But many gaming microphones are a bit pricey, so if you want a better experience without breaking your wallet, the Maono GamerWave USB Gaming RGB Microphone may be your new favorite.

It uses ENC tech with one-tap noise reduction to isolate your voice and minimize background noise for clean recordings. Considering other practical functions, the GamerWave Gaming Microphone comes with a rotating knob to adjust the mic gain and a 3.5mm headphone jack lets you connect for real-time monitoring in your headphones. Also, it includes an easy-access mute button to mute and unmute your mic instantly.

The gaming microphone features RGB lighting with 3 modes. Choose from a variety of colors to match your PC gaming setup for a stylish look. Undoubtedly, though the microphone is small, it is full of energy.

Read more information about how to pick up a RGB gaming microphone for yourself by click HERE.

Step 4: Choose a responsive gaming mouse

Any mouse can work with your gaming setup. However, a gaming mouse is better because it has additional features tailored for gaming. Such as programmable buttons, adjustable DPI settings and ergonomic design.A right gaming mouse can make a much more significant difference in your gaming performance, especially when playing shooters.

Step 5: A high-quality gaming mouse pad provides the accurate, low-friction surface needed for the best gaming experience

According to your usual use habits and gaming needs to choose a suitable mouse pad. A pad at least 8" x 10" in size with a rubber backing for more excellent control over cursor movement. If you are an avid gamer, buy a top-notch mouse pad that lets your move and execute combat shots flawlessly.

Step 6: For long gaming sessions, a pair of comfort headphones is key

Choosing a well-made gaming headset fulfilled all your sound needs is another essential aspect. Padded ear cups with adjustable headband and lightweight design are one of the best ways to fully immerse yourself in the experience. Suitable ear cup padding can ensure the seal and comfort of the headset when wearing, but also have enough support to make you more comfortable.


Step 7: Get a mechanical gaming keyboard

Sometimes improving performance and comfort is the real trick to improving your game. A good mechanical keyboard is conflict-free for all keys offering consistent connection and highly responsive keys. The fast, responsive keystrokes that come with a mechanical keyboard help players achieve faster control and more wins.

With your dream PC setup with a streaming microphone setup seamlessly integrated and a gaming microphone complete, it’s time to dominate the competition and enjoy an exceptional gaming experience in no time!

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