Maono Audio Product Garner Prestigious  the FDA & Reddot Design Award 2024

Maono Audio Product Garner Prestigious the FDA & Reddot Design Award 2024

Maono AMC2 Neo & DGM20 have recently been recognized with the prestigious FDA & Reddot Product Design 2024.

When it comes to sound technology, Maono is a name that stands out. With their commitment to innovation and quality, Maono has become the best-selling internet microphone brand. Maono AMC2 Neo & DGM20 have recently been recognized with the prestigious FDA & Reddot Product Design 2024. This accolade is a testament to Maono's commitment to pushing the boundaries of sound technology and delivering exceptional products to their customers.

Understanding the FDA & Reddot Design Award

The French Design Awards (FDA) is an international design competition that celebrates excellence in various design disciplines. These awards aim to showcase innovative design solutions, promote creativity and craftsmanship, and provide recognition to talented designers and design firms.

The Reddot Design Award is one of the most renowned international design competitions. It is organized by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. The "Red Dot" is the award for high design guality. The international jury only awards this sought-after seal of quality to products that feature an outstanding design.

These prestigious awards recognizes the best designs and innovations in various industries, including product design, communication design, and design concept. Each year, thousands of products from around the world are evaluated by a panel of experts, who assess the design quality, functionality, and overall innovation of the entries. Winning the FDA & Reddot Design Award is a mark of distinction and excellence in the design world.

Overview of Maono's awarded products details

    The AMC2 NEO sound card is new launched in 2023. Maono considers that among the millions of content creators around the world, there are still many who podcast alone. Therefore, Maono launched a portable, multi-functional, one-stop audio interface: maonocaster amc2 neo. Since the launch of the AMC2 NEO sound card, it has received unanimous praise from users.

    Compact and high-performance features as well as convenient and excellent design provide a high-quality choice for content creators such as podcasters, gamers, and live broadcasters. “It’s really beyond my expectation that I can buy a sound card with this configuration at a price of $59.99!” A user told us excitedly after experiencing it for several weeks.


    One of the standout features of the AMC2 Neo sound card is its incredible value for money. Many customers have expressed their delight at finding such high-quality performance at a fraction of the cost compared to other brands. In fact, numerous users have gone as far as to compare its performance to that of much more expensive alternatives, highlighting its impressive capabilities and reliability. As the positive reviews and testimonials continue to pour in, it's clear that the AMC2 Neo mixer has established itself as a trusted companion for audio enthusiasts seeking top-tier performance without breaking the bank.

        At the beginning of 2024, the DGM20 usb gaming microphone has already won two awards: 2024 French Design Awand & 2024 Red Dot Design Award. The DGM20 gaming mic is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls and simple setup. The lightweight, exquisite design catches people's attention at first glance. The unique bottom knob design is a highlight of the microphone.

        DGM20 usb gaming microphone stands out in appearance, it also features durable construction and high-quality components that are built to last. Additionally, Maono’s commitment to customer satisfaction means their microphones come with excellent customer support and warranty options.


        While there are several well-known microphone brands to choose from, Maono offers a unique combination of superior sound quality, affordability, and user-friendly design. Positive customer feedback is a testament to the quality and performance of Maono microphones.

        The significance of winning the FDA & Reddot Design Award

        Winning the FDA & Reddot Design Award showcases Maono's commitment to creating products that are not only functional but also visually appealing and user-friendly. The award serves as a validation of Maono's design philosophy and their ability to meet the needs and preferences of their customers. It also sets Maono apart from their competitors, as it demonstrates their dedication to pushing the boundaries of design and innovation in the sound technology industry.

        Maono microphones and sound cards are designed to deliver exceptional audio quality, whether it's for professional recording, broadcasting, podcasting, or gaming. Whether you are a professional musician, a podcaster, or a content creator, Maono has a microphone that suits your needs.

        Maono teams feel very honored and we are grateful to the FDA and Reddot organizing committees for their affirmation of Maono audio products. The Maono team will continue to work hard to create more unique products for users as our vision said: " making the world's best microphone and audio products, Maono shall continue to work hard and never give up."