best microphone for gaming

What is the Best Microphone for Gaming

Gaming has gone from being a small hobby to part of daily life and culture. The evolution, combined with the rise of the Internet, has allowed millions of people to collaborate, compete, team up, and play globally. In game streaming, having high-quality audio is crucial that's why it's important to invest in a good microphone. 

If you're one of the gaming enthusiasts out there, you should continue reading this article. In this guide, we will explore the importance of investing in the best microphone for gaming, provide you with insights into the best options available--the advantages and disadvantages of USB and XLR microphones, and some accessories to look out for to enhance your gaming experience.

Types of Microphones

There are various types of microphones, but in this article, we will focus on two types: USB and XLR microphones. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each type:

1. USB Microphones


Streamers and gamers' popular choice is the USB microphones. They are easy to use, easy to set up, and they're very affordable. These types of microphones are plug-and-play and you can just connect them directly to your PC without requiring any additional device.

For starters, it's wise to begin using USB microphones for high-quality audio and avoiding complex gaming setups. Most features of USB microphones include mute buttons, gain control, and a headphone jack for real-time monitoring.


XLR microphones produce sound more detailed and accurate than USB mics. USB microphones can also have a noise issue and sometimes, even latency due to their direct connection to the computer.

Also, most USB microphones are not versatile when it comes to upgrade--you can't upgrade its components to XLR microphones or swap its preamps or mixers, to make it sound better.

2. XLR Microphones


XLR microphones are high-end microphones and are considered the standard for professional, high-end audio quality. If you're serious about your game streaming career and plan to do it for the long term, you should invest in an XLR microphone that offers superior audio clarity and produces better and cleaner audio signals. This type of microphone is highly versatile, allowing streamers to adjust their audio setup until they achieve the desired, perfect sound using compatible mixers, audio interfaces, and preamps. 


XLR microphones are less suitable for beginners because of their cost and complexity to set up. They require an additional device such as an audio mixer or audio interface to operate and function well. Also because of its need to be connected to multiple components, it's not convenient to transport when you decide to use them elsewhere. 

Best Gaming Mic for Streaming

  • Shure SM7B

The Shure SM7B or Logitech Yeti Orb Gaming Mic is a professional dynamic microphone known for its smooth, warm vocal reproduction, ideal for broadcasting, podcasts, and studio recordings. It features a wide-range frequency response, air suspension shock isolation, and a pop filter to minimize noise and breathiness. The cardioid pattern reduces off-axis audio, while advanced electromagnetic shielding prevents hum from electronic devices. It requires a preamp with +60dB of gain for optimal performance.

  • Blue Yeti USB microphone

The Logitech Yeti Orb Gaming Mic is tailored for gamers, featuring custom-tuned capsules for high-quality audio and a sleek, compact design. It includes convenient features such as a built-in mute button, LED status indicator, and an adjustable desktop stand for easy use. Additionally, it integrates with Logitech's G HUB software for advanced audio customization.

Best Mic Under $100 for Streaming

1.  DGM20S

The best desktop mic for streaming under $100 is the Maono DGM20S. This is a USB condenser microphone that features one-tap noise reduction, high-sensitivity cardioid pickup, and RGB lights for aesthetics. It comes with a pop filter, shock mount, desktop clamp, and a user's manual. For streamers on a budget, this is a perfect choice and it only costs $59.99! 

2. DM30RGB

Another best choice is the Maono DM30RGB USB gaming microphone. It features off-axis noise reduction performance, is equipped with a cardioid pattern, and it has controllable RGB lighting to add beauty to your game room setup. It perfectly works with the Maono link software that's downloadable online. It's plug-and-play, specifically designed for gamers, with controls for mute, headphone volume, and mic gain. This will only cost you $49.99.

3. PD200X

Maono PD200X is a popular choice among gamers. It's one of the best-selling products in Maono which users have been adding to their cart for weeks now. Why is PD200X their favorite? PD200X produces a clean, crystal-clear sound. Its cardioid pattern allows background noise suppression during your game streaming and recording. This mic can also be used for podcasts. It includes a 2-in-1 smart knob where you can adjust the headphone volume and the mic gain. It also features real-time monitoring and controllable RGB lighting for aesthetics. Surprisingly it's very affordable for the price of $79.99 only.

Additional Accessories for Enhance Gaming Experience

  • Pop filter 

A pop filter is an important accessory of any microphone setup. It eliminates plosive sounds, such as "p" and "b" noises, which can cause audio distortion. This inexpensive device can significantly increase the clarity of your speech and make your streams sound more professional.

  • Shock mount

A shock mount protects your microphone against vibrations and handling noise. This is beneficial for gamers who carelessly bump their desks or alter their mics. A shock mount suspends the microphone within an elastic frame, ensuring that only your speech is caught without any unwanted noise.

  • Boom Arm

A boom arm allows flexibility. It enables you to place your microphone precisely where you need it while keeping your desk clutter-free. It offers positioning versatility, which is essential for maintaining excellent posture and comfort during extended streaming sessions. A boom arm also reduces noise from desk movements and typing.

  • Audio Interfaces and Mixers

For individuals that use XLR microphones, an audio interface is necessary. It converts the microphone's analog signal into a digital signal that your computer can understand. High-quality audio interfaces, such as the AMC2 NEO, offer three kinds of custom sound effects, and four kinds of voice changers, and it also offer reduced latency, resulting in improved overall sound quality. Also, it's compatible with the PD200X microphone.


Choosing the best gaming mic for streaming depends on your specific needs, budget, and level of expertise. USB microphones like the DGM20S, and DM30RGB, are perfect for budget-conscious beginners and those who prioritize convenience, while an XLR microphone like the PD200X offers unparalleled audio quality for more advanced users for less the price. If you want to upgrade with a boom arm, you just simply need to add $5 and you're good to go.

Enhancing your setup with accessories such as pop filters, shock mounts, boom arms, and audio interfaces can further improve your audio quality, making your streams sound more professional.

Invest in a good microphone to elevate your game streaming experience. By considering the options and accessories discussed, you can find the perfect microphone to suit your needs and create engaging, high-quality content for your audience.