Podcasting Microphone

From the stage to the studio, bedrooms to meeting rooms, on set or in the field, Maono microphones are the go-to for capturing incredible quality audio that inspires creativity. Our premium microphones are manufactured to the highest standard in Maono state-of-the-art facilities and are trusted to deliver exceptional performance that elevates every recording. Whether you're a musician, podcaster, filmmaker, broadcaster or content creator, find the perfect microphone to suit your needs in the Maono range and be heard.



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Maono PD200X USB and XLR microphone with XLR micrphone white_600-600Maono PD200X USB and XLR microphone with XLR micrphone black_600-600
Maono PM500T XLR microphone_600-600Maono Xlr Microphone For Studio
Maono PM422H USB Microphone_600-600MAONO PM422 Podcast USB Microphone Plug & Play
Maono PM401 USB microphoneMaono USB Microphone for Studio
Maono A04H USB microphone_600-600Maono A04 USB microphone_600-600
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Maono AU903 USB microphone_600-600MAONO AU903 Studio-Quality USB Microphone
Maono AU902 USB microphone_600-600MAONO AU902 High-Quality Condenser USB Microphone
Maono PM461 USB microphoneMAONO PM461 USB Microphone For Gaming
DM30 USB microphone_600-600DM30 Condenser Microphone05
maono PD400X+BA90 podcasting microphone bundle_600-600MAONO PD400X  podcast dynamic microphone
Maono  PD100U USB microphone_600-600MAONO PD100U Dynamic USB Microphone
Maono MKP100 kareoke microphone_600-600 01Maono MKP100 Karaoke Microphone
   PD200X and AME2 audio production studioMaono PD200X white and AME2 audio production studio_600-600
PD200X podcasting equipment bundle 01Maono PD200X podcasting equipment bundle white_600-600
MAONO PD400X USB/XLR Dynamic MicrophoneMAONO PD400X_Dynamic Microphone
MAONO PD400X USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone
Sale priceFrom €143,95
maono PD200X+B01 podcasting  microphone bundle_600-600maono PD200X+B01 microphone with boom arm white_600-600


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