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MAONO PD200XS USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone Set with Boom Arm

Sale price$89.99

Ⅰ.Superior Sound Quality: Capture crystal-clear audio with PD200X USB dynamic microphone. The built-in dynamic mic capsule helps you to capture deep lows, delicate highs, and crisp mid-tones. Ultra-wide frequency response of 40Hz-16kHz presents a warm and smooth sound. Cardioid polar pattern reduces unwanted background noise and highlights vocals in gaming and streaming. Designed to deliver exceptional performance for podcasting, streaming, and recording.

Ⅱ. Advanced Software Control: MAONO Link software takes your audio customization to the next level, allowing you to adjust various parameters and optimize your sound effortlessly setting the perfect vocal tone. And you can turn on/off the RGB light or switch in 9 different colors, also supports EQ, limiter, and compressor adjustment in USB mode. (Software features are only available in USB mode).

Ⅲ.Versatile Usage: The PD200X streaming microphone is equipped with USB and XLR dual interfaces. Everything is in your control, Plug-and-play when you are recording with a desktop or a laptop by plugging the 8.2ft USB cable directly. XLR analog output is for connecting to all professional interfaces, mixers, or portable PA systems when podcasting in your studio. Ideal for a wide range of applications, including podcasting, voiceovers, gaming, YouTube videos, music recording, and more.

Ⅳ. Easy to Use: The podcast microphone has a 2-in-1 smart knob, to adjust the mic gain and headphone volume. And one-click mute key with an LED indicator helps you to instantly mute the mic. The microphone is equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack, which enables full recording and monitoring at the same time as desired by recording professionals. MAONO PD200XS podcast microphone kit equips a sturdy and adjustable microphone boom arm, allowing you to position it at the perfect angle for optimal sound capture.

Ⅴ.Premium-Grade Accessories: The PD200X dynamic microphone is crafted with high-quality materials, higher standard microphone materials, and craftsmanship to protect the microphone's internal structure ensuring durability and exceptional performance. Making it an ideal choice for professional recording, podcasting, and studio use.

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PD200XS USB Dynamic microphone (13).webp__PID:944e013a-0434-49e6-ba8d-e334cfe11414

PD200XS Dynamic Microphone

PD200XS is an all-in-one USB and XLR microphone that is equipped with an easy setup boom arm, the sound quality is terrific matter in gaming, vocal recording, live streaming, or podcasting, it is a highly recommended podcast starter kit for beginners.

PD200XS USB Dynamic microphone (16).webp__PID:4aee6e57-2738-49a1-9eb0-3c6438bb3c8bPD200XS USB  Dynamic microphone  (2).webp__PID:6e572738-e9a1-4eb0-bc64-38bb3c8b9508PD200XS USB Dynamic microphone (3).webp__PID:013a0434-59e6-4a8d-a334-cfe11414b8a4PD200XS USB Dynamic microphone (4).webp__PID:cfe11414-b8a4-4e4b-8e18-72319ff3dbc8PD200XS USB Dynamic microphone (12).webp__PID:043459e6-ba8d-4334-8fe1-1414b8a47e4b




XLR analog output forr connecting to all professional audio interface
& mixer or portable PA system

Note: mic gain, headphone vulume, mute key, RGB light and real-time
monitoring are not available in XLR mode XLR cable is not included in the package.

PD200XS USB Dynamic  microphone (4).webp__PID:6e22157b-0e06-4b0c-9941-099fccc6de11PD200XS USB Dynamic  microphone (5).webp__PID:7b0e065b-0c59-4109-9fcc-c6de11149c0fPD200XS USB Dynamic  microphone (6).webp__PID:5b0c5941-099f-4cc6-9e11-149c0f4f5bcdPD200XS USB Dynamic  microphone (10).webp__PID:41099fcc-c6de-4114-9c0f-4f5bcd5ab915PD200XS USB Dynamic  microphone (11).webp__PID:ccc6de11-149c-4f4f-9bcd-5ab915283457PD200XS USB Dynamic  microphone (18).webp__PID:11149c0f-4f5b-4d5a-b915-283457f9f99e
PD200XS USB Dynamic  microphone (15).webp__PID:f99eee78-f516-438a-a4b5-caf657d6dd05
PD200XS USB Dynamic  microphone (17).webp__PID:78f51683-8a64-45ca-b657-d6dd05fbffa6
PD200XS USB Dynamic  microphone (16).webp__PID:838a64b5-caf6-47d6-9d05-fbffa60fe815


My initial thought about this microphone feels pretty nice, the shock mount is plastic and the actual mic feels like a metal material, I love the sleek look now, I find to be useful about this mic is that I like this mic is that it has the option to plug in through an xlr cable, I think it’s great quality, especially for the price point.

Katie Münch  |  5.94K FOLLOWERS

PD200XS is a microphone that is easy to use because as I mentioned, I’m not somebody who is invested or specialized in microphones, for me, it sounds good straight out of the gate without any processing. It already sounds terrific. I do recommend this microphone to do whatever you want like podcasting or recording.

Gary Jahman  |  6.73K FOLLOWERS


Model Name
Connector TypeUSB, USB Type-C, XLR
Polar PatternCardioid
Bit Depth/Sample Rate:24-bit/48kHz
SensitivityXLR:-52dBV USB:-10.5dBFS/Pa(Max)
Max.SPL>130dB SPL
Compatible DevicesLaptop, Audio Interface, Personal Computer, MAC OS, Smartphone
Hardware PlatformAudio Interface, PC, Smartphone
PD200XS USB Dynamic  microphone (27).webp__PID:b03c6438-bb3c-4b95-8851-75c9cabbb952