Graphic Designer

We are Looking for a Graphic Designer in North America & India & Southeast Asia, please kindly read the details below carefully and contact our Maono teams by EMAIL at the bottom according to the region & area.

Job Responsibilities:  

According to the work cooperation process of the company's design department, do a good job of docking with the demand side, and output the graphic design content that meets the quality standards.

Responsible for the overall aesthetic design planning of the PC terminal and mobile terminal of the website, as well as the graphic design, revision and update of the brand theme, including the design of product pages, main KV, floating windows, pop-up windows, banners and other materials.

For each store event, participate in the planning of the event visual plan, including the store homepage, event banaer map, product detail page design, etc.

Follow up the company's promotional projects, product features, etc., and do a good job in the design and production of materials for online and offline activities in line with the rhythm.

Possess the ability to analyze competing products, formulate excellent or differentiated product features and features based on market research, and realize operational needs through visual communication.

According to the brand visual style, participate in the design team project, and output the brand and team creative visual content every month.


Have more than 2 years experience in graphic design of stores and electronic products on major local e-commerce platforms, and be proficient in using various graphic design software, such as Photoshop, CorelDraw, Flash, Adobe Illustrator and other design software.

Have a deep understanding of the design styles and trends of global consumer electronics brands, and experience in global consumer electronics brand page design is preferred.

Have good aesthetic concept and copywriting planning ability, good PS skills and design concept, strong color sensitivity, and can accurately grasp the overall style design.

Understand the trend of website page design style and the importance of user experience (UE), consider the popularity and click-through rate of the design page from the user's point of view, and skillfully operate the design style of pages with different needs.

Have unique insights and innovative awareness of website page design, and be familiar with website page layout, color processing, and interaction design principles and method.

Strong self-motivation, communication skills of empathy, strong adaptability, good pressure resistance and strong sense of responsibility, teamwork spirit, sense of team honor and disgrace, brand identity

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