Regional Social Marketing Specialist

We are Looking for a Regional Social Media Marketing Specialist in India, please kindly read the details below carefully and contact our Maono teams by EMAIL at the bottom according to the region & area.

Job Responsibilities: 

Responsible for the implementation of regional social media promotion strategy and plan, content operation of FB and INS, cooperation with social media and sales director, and publishing content that is conducive to the brand.

Be responsible for the growth of social media channel followers and content engagement, organizing events to make followers active, being responsible for private message replies, establishing a good relationship with followers, exploring potential customer needs, guiding and diverting users to relevant social accounts through various new media channels.

Responsible for high-quality KOL and group cooperation on social media to obtain high-quality content and traffic, Fuel traffic to the brand's page and sales platform, and analyze statistics on the effectiveness of cooperation.

Responsible for the planning of brand marketing campaign, the development and cooperation of local social media/forum resources, and the content of coordination and implementation.

Responsible for the development and construction of regional social media content resources, including visual / traffic/content, etc., and do a good job in work management and teamwork.


Familiar with overseas social media, with fan growth and social media advertising-related experience is preferred; accept excellent fresh graduates.
Bachelor's degree or above, majoring in English media marketing or other related majors; working experience in Europe, America, or English-speaking countries is preferred.
The ability to independently create content output and plan activities.
Sensitivity to data and analytical ability, able to analyze and summarize data on social media operations, competing products, users, and Daimler cooperation.
Strong self-drive, good anti-stress ability and a strong sense of responsibility, teamwork spirit, brand identity; defend brand reputation, actively cooperate with the company's strategic planning and adjustment as well as implementation.

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