SEO Specialist | Full Time

We are Looking for a SEO Specialist in India & Southeast Asia, please kindly read the details below carefully and contact our Maono teams by EMAIL at the bottom according to the region & area.

Job Responsibilities:

Using anlytics tools to capture traffic and keyword data for analysis and reporting According to the industry field and competing product websites in the list.

Using the keyword anlytics tools to do the keyword research and analysis, provide keyword analysis reports, analyze key keywords, and secondary keywords that need to be optimized.

Regular website analysis (included, backlinks, keyword ranking, natural traffic, whether there is a problem with the 404 page, regular analysis of pv, uv, bounce rate, and access time of the website).

Improving the website ranking and traffic by updating high-quality article content, expanding, adding and maintaining backlinks, etc.

Using tools to monitor website traffic and health conditions (such as rejecting bad backlinks, remove dead backlinks), and cooperate with the team to optimize in real time.

Cooperate with the website team to build SEO optimization tools and mechanisms inside and outside the website, recruit SEO-related part-time jobs to assist in the development.

Regularly check whether the opening speed of the website is normal and optimize the opening speed of the mobile phone and computer.


●Familiar with overseas SEO models and operating rules, major in computer, e-commerce, network marketing, experience is preferred.
●Understand the latest developments and knowledge of SEO.
●Familiar with audio electronic products, familiar with the use of related software tools.
●Have a certain sensitivity to data, and be able to analyze and summarize the data on the cooperation effect of experts. 
●Strong self-motivation, good anti-stress ability and strong sense of responsibility, teamwork spirit, brand identity; defend brand reputation, actively cooperate with the company's strategy planning adjustment and implementation.
●Proficiency in using GA, GSC and other analysis tools to regularly output traffic and sales data analysis reports of the entire site.
●Familiar with SaaS code and framework & Deploy the tracking code independently.

Email Contact: (click the email below and directly email to us) (North America & Europe & South America), (Southeast Asia & India)

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