SEO Specialist | Part Time

We are Looking for a SEO Specialist in North America & India & Southeast Asia, please kindly read the details below carefully and contact our Maono teams by EMAIL at the bottom according to the region & area.

Job Responsibilities: 

‚óŹProvide 150-200 dofollow external links per month.

‚óŹExternal links need to provide content, not just add links.

‚óŹNeed to provide a traffic analysis report at the end of the month.

‚óŹRestricted area of external links: mainly in Europe, America and Southeast Asia (not the external links of the Central African region).

‚óŹProvide links to the websites with embedded external links.


‚óŹOff-site SEO experience of at least 1 year.
‚óŹFluent in English or small languages, with at least one year of content copywriting related work experience.
‚óŹUnderstanding of consumer electronics or hardware-based technology products, strong learning ability.
‚óŹWork meticulously, think clearly, treat people sincerely, and be responsible for the quality of content with a strong sense of responsibility.¬†
‚óŹUnderstand the relevant work tools and use proficient, have content quality analysis basis.

Email Contact: (click the email below and directly email to us) (North America & Europe & South America), (Southeast Asia & India)

Email Request: CV(Name-Position Name-Country-Full/Part-time job)+Brief Introduction