Best Microphones for Live Vocals

Best Microphones for Live Vocals in 2020

Choosing the best vocal mic is a hugely personal thing. The style you opt for, and the way in

which you use it, depends entirely on the voice it’ll be capturing.


And, with so much in the way of choice, it can be daunting to know where to start. It’s easy to

look to our favourite recording artists and see the gear they used, before a look at the cost of

high-end recording equipment brings us back down to earth with a crash.


Here are our top choices for the best mics for live vocals on the market today.


Vocal Mic MAONO HD300T

Why choose a MAONO dynamic microphone?

1. Zero-latency monitor headphone jack

MAONO vocal podcast mic is equipped with a headphone jack for zero-latency monitoring. You can monitor your own voice in real-time through headphones, allowing you to record more freely!

2. Volume control buttons

You can directly adjust the monitoring headphone sound through the volume control button so that you can avoid being too loud and enter the working state quickly anytime and anywhere.

NOTE: Zero-latency monitoring and Volume control ONYL are available in USB mode!

t says:'' Maono HD300T is a dynamic USB microphone that brings live sound home and packs the best bang for the buck when it comes to vocal recording. It delivers the best traits of dynamics that result in smooth and undistorted sound, saving you from buying expensive equipment such as preamps and digital interface that are otherwise necessary for connecting a dynamic XLR microphone to a computer. This mic comes with handy shock mount & compact pop ''

After years of research, MAONO officially launched this cardioid dynamic microphone with USB and XLR output. (HD300T) We utilize premium materials and excellent workmanship, and we strive to launch a cost-effective dynamic microphone

Maono HD300 USB/XLR Microphone for Broadcast

Shure SM7B microphone

As an all-rounder vocal mic, the Shure SM7B takes some beating. Over the years it’s been

adopted by some of the music world’s biggest names – Michael Jackson swore by them –

while its rich, balanced tone has found it adopted more recently by the

podcasting  community.

 vocal microphone

AKG C636

The AKG C636 features a uniform cardioid pattern, designed to accentuate only what it’s

meant to, while its design is geared towards reducing the vibrations caused when hand-

holding the mic. Sure, music and singing situations may require a different tool, but for

speech tasks this is a great choice.

 vocal microphone

At the end of the day, it’s important to have a quality mic so that you can move on to the

performance-part of your art-form and get to work… and hopefully, this article has helped you

to identify what you’ll be needing in a live vocal mic.

Ahorra $20.00
MAONO PD400XS USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone with BA90 Boom ArmMAONO PD400XS USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone with BA90 Boom Arm
MAONO PD400XS USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone with BA90 Boom Arm
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MAONO Microphone Desktop Stand
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